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Digital Minilab

Frontier LP 5000R


Compact, High Quality Digital Minilab. Delivers Excellent Quality at Scale of 1,900 4R Prints per Week.

A compact yet flexible digital minilab
An ideal choice for any photo retail shop

The best wet minilab for photo retail shops with a limited shop space, handling relatively small numbers of print orders and requiring a low-cost photo solution.

Compact size, small footprint

With its footprint of only 0.84 m2 , the LP5000R can be fit even in the smallest of photo stores.

High speed processing

Performs high-speed processing of 800 prints/h for 4R size or 300 sheets/h for 8R size, taking only 3 min 44 s (or 1 min 27 s in the case of dry to dry) for a single processing (4R x 24 sheets).

High image quality can be maintained with 1,900 4R-sized prints per week

The necessary amount of throughput to maintain high image quality is only 29 m2 print per week, which is equivalent to 400 4R-sized prints per day or less. Even the shops which handle relatively small print volumes can be assured of the very best image quality.

Add value to your business with our up-to-date digital technology and the established beauty of silver-halide printing

Fujifilm’s established unique imaging technology provides super high quality prints

High-speed laser exposure

The LP5000R is equipped with Fujifilm’s proprietary high-speed laser exposure system that minimizes flare, provides smooth gradation and sharp images for exceptional print quality.

Left: Original image
Right: Optimized image after image processing

Image processing technology

Image Intelligence™ automatically fixes flaws such as poor lighting and backlighting, thereby portraying people with smooth skin texture and clear-cut face.

Dedicated paper and chemical system

Utilizes dedicated paper that ensures high image quality and long shelf life, together with the FUJICOLOR Simple-It E (CP-49E) chemical system that facilitates quick processing.

Wide range of print size fulfills your customer’s diverse photo printing needs

Printing capability covering 3R to A4 sizes

Capable of printing various print sizes from 3R to A4 can meet your customer’s diverse photo printing needs.

Bookbinding machine to produce Photobooks

By coupling your Digital Minilab with the simple bookbinding machine capable of producing vertically long A5 Photobooks, you can provide high-image-quality Photobooks to your customers.