Synapse® 3D


Provides a 3D analysis solution taking advantage of Fujifilm's imaging technology.

SYNAPSE 3D for Pulmonology (Pneumonia, COPD, etc.)

SYNAPSE 3D contributes to reading Chest CT images mainly used for definitive diagnosis which is generally workflow below. 

Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment of Respiratory diseases such as Pneumonia and COPD, etc.

Analysis support of SYNAPSE 3D for Chest CT examination

Synapse 3D with its 3D image analysis technology automatically extracts Lung, Lung lobe and Bronchi three-dimensionally and enables them to be measured in various ways. For example, Lung Analysis application is utilized for volume analysis which measures a volume of a specific part of CT image automatically or semi-automatically.

Measurement scope of SYNAPSE 3D Lung analysis application

  • Lung nodules, GGO
  • LAA%, Goddard Score, Lung volume
  • Bronchi (Wall Thickness) 
  • Cluster Analysis

An example of Lung analysis on GGO (Ground-glass opacity) in CT image of patient who is infected with COVID-19 by specifying a threshold