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A multi-purpose automatic dry-chemistry analyzer featuring remarkably short turnaround time, a touch screen interface and reliability. <FOR VETERINARY>

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Professional results from effortless and efficient operation.

A maximum of 20 test slides in the slide cartridge will be automatically processed in a single run. Proceeding sample or test can be set up subsequently without waiting for the previous run to fnish.

Proven quality from experience

Fujifilm has been developing analysis devices that work with dry chemistry for laboratory diagnostics since 1984.It has been the market leader in Japan ever since.


Simple 3-step procedure

[photo] Gloved hand setting slide inside DRI-CHEM NX500V

Set the slide (Dry Slide Reagents)

[photo] Gloved hand setting sample inside DRI-CHEM NX500V

Set the sample

[photo] Gloved hand pressing START button on touchscreen display of DRI-CHEM NX500V


Intuitive and easy operation on an LCD touch screen

[photo] Operation screen with name/ID and labeled test results

FUJIFILM placed special emphasis in designing a simple, easy-to-use operation screen.

Microsample testing A very useful feature especially in small animals

[photo] Dropper applying drop of fluid to FUJI DRI-CHEM Slide

Each test requires 10μL of sample. (CRP: 5μL /test, ISE: 50μL /test, dead volume is necessary using automatic measurement.) If there is less sample, measurement can be done by manual pipetting.

[photo] QC card, with QR code and details labeled on card, for FUJI DRI-CHEM system

No calibration

The FUJI DRI-CHEM system uses dry type reagents which are very stable. Calibration is not necessary. Variability in the reagent lots are adjusted using the QC card.

Automatic dilution

Dilution, a time consuming process, is also automated.
The only operation is to input the dilution ratio.

Easy maintenance

The analyzer is low maintenance.
It does not require special skills or training to maintain.


Quick measurement

[image] 128 tests per hour

DRI-CHEM NX500V analyzer can quickly measure 23 different colorimetric parameters and 3 electrolytes.
It has a 128 tests/hour throughput.

  • * NX500V IC:In case of whole blood samples, it will take another 2 minutes for the centrifugation for each sample.

One pack panels (S-panels)

[photo] Gloved hands loading one pack S-panel slides into slide cartridge in a few seconds, compared to individually loading slides, which takes a few minutes

S-Panels are prepacked slides which can be easily mounted in the slide cartridge in just one step. This improves work efficiency and waste reduction.

Continuous measurement

[photo] 3 dogs, black/white, brown/white, and blonde, laying down on table with man wearing blue scrubs in background

As soon as the pipetting procedure for the first sample is completed, the slides for the next sample can already be set and the test started.
This minimizes waiting time for your patients.

DRI-CHEM NX500V processing cycle in minutes for 18 clinical parameters per patient sample
[image] Chart representing time it takes between first and second animal patient specimens with steps of auto pipetting, measurement, and results shown per sample

Accurate & Reliable

NX500V can measure lipase activity for canine

NX500V can measure lipase activity for canine

[image] Correlation of v-LIP with cPLI Graph, measuring canine lipase activity
[image] Graph of Lipase activity distribution classified by PLI diagnostic categories - less than 200 PLI rules out pancreatitis, 200-399 requires reexamination, and over 400 suggests pancreatitis
  • Citation:J.Vet.Med.Sci.73(11):1481-1483, 2011 Katsumi Ishioka
  • J-vet vol.291 2011.6 pp13-15, pp25-29

Precise results

The FUJI DRI-CHEM slide reagent has high reliability and stability brought by fine chemical technology cultivated through the long history of Fujifilm.
The high quality of Fujifilm reagents is demonstrated by a comparison with the standard measurement methods.

[photo] v-LIP Graph with 1,2-o-Dilauryl-rac-glycero-3-glutaric acid-(6-methylresorufin) ester lipase assay method
[image] vc-CRP Graph with immunonephelometry method

Easier & Faster

Built-in centrifugal blood separator*1 for direct use of whole blood samples.

[image] Setting slide, setting the IC Cup, and Press START button on DRI-CHEM NX500V IC

The NX500V IC has a built-in centrifugal separator.
After setting the whole blood sample and slides and pressing the START button, one has only to wait for the measurement results thereafter. The built-in centrifugal separator can cut the pre-treatment process of whole blood samples.

  • *1 This function is available only in NX500V IC.

Specially designed IC CUP for high quality plasma

[image] Separating agent and Groove on IC Cup

1 ) IC CUP (Integrated Centrifuge Cup)

The hematocytes, which have higher specific gravity than separating agent, are separated and trapped at the outer side of the separating agent after centrifugation.
Only the plasma passes along the groove and gets accumulated at the bottom of the cup after the separation.

[image] Plasma separating from Hematocytes with Separating agent on IC Cup
[photo] Syringe with red blood dispensing sample to IC Cup through straw

2 ) Straw

Function for efficient mixing of whole blood with heparin and dispensing of sample to the cup.
A special straw comes with the cup.