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Wall Plug for AC Power Adapter AC-5VF for Digital Cameras

January 11 2018
FUJIFILM Corporation

To our valued customers

Thank you very much for purchasing and using our products.

Fujifilm announced that it has received 6 reports of a cracked or damaged wall plug for AC power adapter AC-5VF for certain FUJIFILM digital cameras. We confirmed that the strength of the wall plug within certain manufacturing lots may not be enough in rare cases. A weak wall plug may crack or break and possibly be separated from the AC power adapter. If a cracked or broken wall plug separates while still connected to an electric outlet, there is a possibility to deliver an electric shock. Therefore, please stop using the AC power adapter AC-5VF until you have identified whether or not your wall plug is included in the corresponding manufacturing lots set forth below. In particular, never use a cracked or broken AC power adapter AC-5VF.

We haven’t received any report of an electric shock. But we will replace your affected AC power adapters AC-5VF with new ones for free as a proactive solution to prevent electric shock accidents.

  • * To check whether your AC power adapter AC-5VF may have a suspect wall plug, please refer to the description below. This concern is limited to the wall plug type A mainly used in the USA, Canada, Mexico, China and Japan.

Until we deliver the replacements, please charge your camera only by connecting to your PC via the bundled USB cable and not by using the wall plug.

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but our priority is your safety with our products.

<Applicable Products>

AC Power Adapter AC-5VF
* No other adapters are affected and you may continue to use them.


*1 “Plug adapter part”

Some lots of AC Power Adapter AC-5VF bundled with certain camera models and serial numbers listed below are applicable to this issue.

Models Sale
FUJIFILM X-A10 ‘2016
FinePix XP90/XP90H/XP95 ‘2016
FinePix XP120/XP125 ‘2017

<Identifying the manufacturing lots for free replacement>

Input the model of your digital camera and its serial number in the search form below.
If your digital camera is not listed, you can use your AC Power Adapter AC-5VF without any concern.

<The search form>

 1. Refresh this page.
 2. Choose the model name of the digital camera.
 3. Type the serial number (8-digit alphabets and numbers) of the digital camera.
 4. Press the “Search” button for the result.

  • *Follow the steps below to refresh this page.
  • In case of Windows (Internet Explorer / Google Chrome / FireFox), hold down the "Control" key and "F5" key.
  • In case of Macintosh (Safari / Google Chrome), hold down the "Command" key and "R" key.
  • In case of Macintosh (FireFox), hold down the "Command", "Shift" and "R" keys at the same time.

<How to check the serial number>

The serial number is written on the part of each product as described in the images below.


*2 Serial number


FinePix XP120/XP125/XP90/XP90H/XP95
*3 Serial number

<Replacement process>

If your AC power adapter AC-5VF is within the certain manufacturing lots set forth above and identified by your digital camera serial number as a suspect wall plug, we will replace it with new ones for free.
If applicable, please stop using it and contact Fujifilm listed below. When you send your AC power adapter AC-5VF to our local service centers, please inform them of the model name and its serial number and leave the “plug adapter part” attached to the “AC power adapter part”. Please do not separate them.

We always work to improve the quality of our products. Your understanding is highly appreciated.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local support center of our products.

<Customer Contact>

Please contact your nearest Fujifilm office. For information on Fujifilm subsidiaries and distributors, please access the following URL.