Commercial Digital Printing

Revoria Press PC1120


Enhanced productivity on demand

Meeting the demand for creative print that delivers business growth

Producing high quality print quickly and reliably at a reasonable price is no longer enough. In addition to ‘Print on Demand’, customers now require creative print that delivers more.

Enhanced productivity on demand

Fujifilm’s Revoria Press PC1120 is an automation workhorse with a stability and image quality that is well known in the print on demand market. With an extensive range of feeding and finishing options, the Revoria Press PC1120 simplifies the task of producing enhanced print no matter how challenging the concept.

Flexibility for whatever job comes next

The Revoria Press PC1120 can be configured with a unique combination of feeding options including a new air-suction feeder that is also available for feeding banner sheets up to 1.2m. A range of folding, trimming and booklet making options are now supplemented by a new static eliminator, essential for handling films and other synthetic media. With such a comprehensive range of options, the Revoria Press PC 1120 can be configured with just the right options for a specific project or expanded to take on whatever type of job comes next.