HF-HA-1S Series


HF-HA-1S series is the lens that support 2/3" type* and 6.2μm pixel pitch.*DF6HA-1S supports 1/2 type.

FUJINON Anti Shock and Vibration

1.Optical axis shift (image deviation) can be suppressed to 10um or less.

  • In the case of ordinary machine vision lenses, the optical axis shift occurs when shock moves lenses from their initial position and it affects the lenses ability to provide highly precise measurement.
    Fujifilm’s unique mechanical design*1 paired with FUJINON Anti-Shock performance suppresses the optical axis shift less than 10um*2 even when shock up to 10G*3 is present.
  • *1 Patent applied for
  • *2 Maximum impact tolerance varies by model
  • *3 Measured results by Fujifilm
[image] Anti-Shock & Vibration - optical axis crosshairs with a group of green points inside and clumped around red center point

Optical axis shift (image deviation) can be suppressed to less than 10um*3 even when shock up to 10G*2 is present.

[photo] Conventional lens - optical axis crosshairs with a group of green points spread out around red center point

Axis shift when given repeated shocks

2. Can be used in environments with harsh vibrations.

  • The ordinary machine vision lenses have problems of toughness under working environment where vibration occurs.
    FUJINON Anti-Vibration performance has passed vibration test conforming to IEC60068-2-6. This feature helps to keep both the mechanical and optical elements in their original position while maintaining superb resolution.
[photo] Vibration test machine with equipment and wires attached to machine

【Compliant with IEC60068-2-6】
・ Vibration frequency of 10-60Hz (amplitude of 0.75mm),
 60-500Hz (acceleration of 100m/S2)
・ Sweep frequency of 50 cycles

3.Suppresses aged deterioration and provides advanced installation convenience.

  • Fujifilm original mechanical design minimizes the use of adhesive to avoid aged deterioration that can be caused by humidity and heat in the production line.
  • The variable throttle mechanism does not require iris parts to be changed and allows easier installation.

Anti Shock & Vibration / function

The video explains the anti-shock and vibration function, suppression of age deterioration, and our pursuit of ease-of-installation.

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