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New Zealand



A high throughput automatic clinical chemistry analyzer accommodating five different samples simultaneously.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Product Movie

DRI-CHEM for emergency: Supports diagnosis and treatment during disasters.

The new design brings forth workflow evolution

Compact size, small footprint

NX700 is designed to be compact and suitable to almost any space.

Product dimensions

Width  500 mmWeight of main unit  33 kg
Depth  380 mm
Height  410 mm


Large touch panel with simple design

A large touch panel is used for the operation screen. The sliding type front cover prevents unnecessary consumption of space and provides easy handling. The ease of use from the new design enables smoother operation. The exterior is specifically designed for better adaptability in any place.

[photo] FUJI DRI-CHEM NX700 with lid open, exposing internal working parts; ticket of results printing out of top of machine

Intuitive and simple operation

Simple and easy to use operational screen. Explanatory diagrams make the use, troubleshooting  and the various maintenance procedures easy.

Safety and Convenience

Minimize the risk of biological hazard

Wide range of usable blood collection tubes

In addition to Fuji tubes (0.5/1.5 mL), commercially available blood collection tubes can be used as specimen tubes.


  • * Please select suitable sample racks upon your work flow.   (refer last page:Option items/Sample Rack)  

Useful Functions

Plasma Filter: Blood separation in 1 minute

Plasma Filter (PF) can cut the turn around time and the pre-treatment process of the sample. It can generate plasma sample by aspirating and separating the whole blood inside the PF within 1 minute. Just set the PF on top of the sample tube and press START. 

  • * This function is not available in the NX700i
  • * TCO2: not applicable
[image] Illustration of sample tube of red blood with yellow plasma separating from blood and accumulating at the top of tube

Easy CRP calibration

Automatic dilution function

Labor intensive operations like dispensing, mixing etc. are automated. The only operation is to input the dilution ratio.

Electrolyte measurement function

Electrolytes (Na-K-Cl) can also be measured.

STAT testing available

Press the “STAT” key when there is ongoing measurement. Set the emergency specimen and just press START to perform emergency test.

HL7 communication

The NX700 can communicate using standard HL7 protocol.

Operator ID

Identification of operators can be set. 

Built in quality control tools

Quality control in the NX700 is made easier with the advance QC functions. Results of quality control can be viewed on the NX700 screen.

[image] Turquoise, black, and grey setup screen on incubator's display with Operator ID
[image] Control fluid setting screen/setup for quality control function
[image] Dark control chart screen with list of dates and results plotted on chart

Accurate and reliable test results from long term and field-proven technology & experience

The FUJI DRI-CHEM slide reagent has high reliability and stability brought by fine chemical technology cultivated through the long history of FUJIFILM in photographic film manufacturing. 
Less variation of results between operators, high result reproducibility and daily precision, and excellent correlation with wet chemistry are its remarkable features.

[image] GOT/AST chart of FUJI DRI-CHEM Slide reagent and IFCC standardization method
[image] GLU chart of FUJI DRI-CHEM Slide reagent and Hexokinase method
[image] K chart of FUJI DRI-CHEM Slide reagent and Ion-selective electrode method/dilution method
[image] CRP chart of FUJI DRI-CHEM Slide reagent and Latex immunoturbidimetry


Colorimetric method slide
(Enzymes, General chemistry, and Immunology)

This multilayered slide is composed of dry chemical ingredients needed for the reaction and other functional materials. It quantifies enzymes and chemicals using colorimetric method.

Potentiometric method slide

The electrolytes slide contains ion selective film electrodes for Na, K, and Cl. These electrolytes are measured by potentiometric method.

Specifications FUJI DRI-CHEM NX series

FUJI DRI-CHEM NX700	chemistry analyzer
FUJI DRI-CHEM NX500	chemistry analyzer
Width × depth × height 500(W) × 380(D) × 410(H) mm 470(W) × 360(D) × 420(H) mm
Weight 33 kg 25 kg
Number of measurement cells 13 colorimetric + 1 electrolyte (independent) 12 colorimetric + 1 electrolyte (independent)
Throughput (1) (only colorimetry) 180 tests/hour 120 tests/hour
Throughput (2) (colorimetry + electrolytes) 190 tests/hour 128 tests/hour
Throughput (3) (15-item measurements) approx. 9 minutes approx. 9 minutes
Number of specimen that can be set 5 specimens at the same time 1 specimen
Maximum memory of QC information/ parameter  5 lots 2 lots