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Acuity 15


Acuity 15 flatbed printer is an affordable entry point into wide format UV inkjet printing from Fujifilm. It delivers an impressive combination of near photographic print quality and solid production output for a wide range of applications.

Key Features

Colour channels

The Acuity 15 comes with 5 colour channels populated with CMYK and white inks.

Compact footprint

The Acuity 15 is built to fit into compact spaces, with the accessible design giving you flexibility in the way you work around the machine.

Roll-to-rigid flexibility

Rigid materials can be set up on the bed whilst printing on the roll unit. Changeover between rigid and flexible media jobs is very fast.

High quality

Greyscale printheads in an in-line configuration, combined with full bed mapping, provide near photographic image quality that’s consistent over the whole bed.

Vacuum zones

Dedicated vacuum zones tailored to common media sizes reduce the amount of bed masking required and enable quick media changeover. Adjustable vacuum strengths provide optimum handling for different media.

Dedicated flatbed design with roll option

The dedicated flatbed design ensures accurate registration for edge-to-edge printing and the tiling of large layouts over multiple boards. A roll media option extends versatility.