We will NEVER STOP innovating for a healthier world

Together, we want to help create a society that puts health first.

We launched our healthcare business with X-ray film in 1936. And now, we are developing our business in areas of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. We use our proprietary technologies, products and services to solve health problems and to further improve the quality and health of people through prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

We help safeguard the health of people around the world by addressing unresolved medical needs, early diagnosis of diseases, and support for the development and production of innovative vaccines and drugs.

We will never stop innovating for a healthier world but what can we do for you now?



We are supporting our partners in the development and production of their wide variety of vaccines, utilizing our advanced production technologies and facilities. Also, we've adapted our vast knowledge of collagen, antioxidation, and nano-technologies which are critical ingredients of photographic films. These proprietary technologies are used for the research and development of cosmetic products.

We also support our partners around the world in the contract development and manufacturing of vaccines. Vaccines require advanced production technologies and facilities and we have many of them, including high-containment facilities which allow safe handling of viruses, insect cell culture technologies and so on. We currently manufacture vaccine candidates developed by our partners to support the supply of their vaccines to the world and to contribute to ending the COVID-19 pandemic. We will never stop in our efforts to promote the development and manufacturing of vaccines.


In 1983, we were the world's first company to offer a digital X-ray diagnostic imaging system, Fuji Computed Radiography (FCR). Today, we're helping medical professionals see their patients in vibrant new ways, and we'll never stop helping doctors quickly diagnose conditions.

Pioneering the future of healthcare with image processing and AI technologies

Our PACS supports medical professionals in making prompt and accurate diagnoses by centrally managing and analyzing diagnostic imaging. By connecting PACS with our broad lineup of diagnostic systems, such as CT and MRI systems, we support doctors' diagnosis by leveraging state-of-the-art image processing and AI technologies.

Improving image quality and the lives of women around the world

When it comes to breast cancer image quality is critical to detecting tumors, especially at the early stage. 
Grounded in a long imaging history, our digital mammography systems offer image processing, Hexagonal Close Pattern (HCP) capture technology and optimize dose based on individual breast composition.

Improving clinical and surgical decision support software

SYNAPSE 3D is our software platform that fully meets the new requirements for advanced processing and displaying of clinical and diagnostic imaging and for surgical planning. The software enables interdisciplinary collaboration through intuitive, specialized workflows for efficient, accurate results and improved patient outcomes.

Making healthcare accessible everywhere

Our x-ray portable unit offers a strong advantage when accessibility to normal medical treatment settings is difficult, like home healthcare, offering a revolutionary and high-mobility workflow, everytime, everywhere.


By building on our experience, we are helping to push the boundaries of medical advancements. We are also at the forefront of biopharmaceutical, and development of cell & gene therapies. 

Do you know?

  • We’re pioneering the field of regenerative medicine, which has the potential to transform healthcare and realize it on a scale where more and more people have access to it.
  • We are creating novel drugs to address unmet medical needs focusing on cancer, infectious diseases and central nervous system diseases.
  • We support our partners in the development and production of their biologics and advanced therapies including gene therapy and cell therapy.

Our focus is to combine technical leadership in cell culture, microbial fermentation and viral vectors with our state-of-the-art cGMP (current good manufacturing practices as outlined by the FDA) manufacturing facilities for the production of biologics and advanced therapies.

We support our partners during the entire clinical development path by offering a wide range of solutions. Our two developed-in-house expression systems: Apollo™ X for antibody production and pAVEway™for microbial expression, are well proven systems that have been developed with long term scalability and manufacturability in mind. Our Process Development and Analytical scientists are experts in their field and bring a wealth of experience to our customer projects. 

We also offer highly flexible clinical and commercial cGMP facilities for viral products and gene therapies. To support the full product lifecycle –from pre-clinical development to commercial production—we provide high-containment facilities including the use of mobile clean room technologies combined with process and analytical expertise. 

Through over twenty five years of experience in the industry, we have become a trusted partner for a wide range of pharmaceutical companies.

As your partner, we’ll never stop advancing our expertise, capabilities and technologies to enhance development and production of biopharmaceuticals.