February 15, 2022

Stories, colouring books, soft toys and cartoon themes in hospital rooms, along with Fujifilm's 'child-friendly' technologies, including the OASIS™ open high field MRI scanner

Fujifilm brings a smile to young patients' paediatric experiences with its 'Little Lucy' project

Fujifilm Little Lucy Project

Making children feel more comfortable and at ease in medical facilities is the aim of Fujifilm's 'Little Lucy' initiative, launched across Europe to mark International Childhood Cancer Day. The project was set up to draw attention to the experiences of young patients in hospitals and clinics, and is designed to bring a smile to the ward by making the rooms more welcoming and pleasant for children, and by rewarding their cooperation.

Building on the success of the Harmony mammography device, which was designed to transform hospitals and breast units into welcoming places where women can feel at ease while waiting for and undergoing mammography screening, the Japanese company is now getting closer to young patients by customising the paediatric environment.

Cartoon characters adorn waiting rooms, wards and radiology clinics equipped with 'child-friendly' devices. On arrival, patients will receive a copy of 'The great adventure of little Lucy', an illustrated story translated into seven languages – English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Polish and Turkish. This single volume, along with graphics for the walls and devices, recounts the first hospital experience of a little bear who gets hurt and undergoes an MRI scan. The bear learns how the examination takes place and, intrigued, asks the doctors many questions about the device, in an environment conceived and designed for children. As they themselves enter environments populated by the characters in the story, children will identify with Lucy's experience in a positive and comfortable context.

Fujifilm Little Lucy Project

Masa Fukumoto, Senior Vice President Fujifilm Europe, said:

"For the first time, the company is tackling the issue of patient care in this age group, emphasising how important it is to focus on the experience they have in a paediatric facility. It is an important project that underlines Fujifilm's closeness to the youngest patients, created to mitigate and contain fear, anxiety and stress in both children and their families."

The final part of the bear's, and the children's, experience will be the 'brave patient diploma', which young patients will receive once the examination is finished. The Little Lucy project is completed by giveaways such as a Lucy soft toy, T-shirts and colouring pencils, created to make the waiting time more pleasant.

The project complements the introduction of the OASIS™ and APERTO Lucent™ MRIs in the facilities involved. These systems are perfectly suited to paediatric imaging needs thanks to their open gantry designed to make young (and older!) patients feel comfortable and safe, the FDR nano mobile X-ray system – offering low dosage and a light and manoeuvrable design that is perfectly suited to paediatric applications – and the ARIETTA™ 750 ultrasound system. The devices will be equipped with graphics specially designed for paediatric environments. 

The initiative is part of Fujifilm's efforts to make access to diagnostic and treatment facilities more welcoming.

All paper materials produced for the 'Little Lucy' project are printed on recycled paper using Fujifilm's Jet Press technology, a digital press that offers high print quality and reliability with lower ink consumption.

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