April 28, 2022

Fujifilm launches mobile training hub to tackle endoscopy challenges as clinicians warn cancers will be more difficult to treat post-COVID

  • The ‘EndoRunner’ is a mobile hub containing all the latest innovations in endoscopy from Fujifilm
  • Fujifilm has today launched the EndoRunner Tour, with the EndoRunner set to visit hospitals and conferences across Europe to support endoscopists with training and education 
  • The mobile hub will be unveiled at ESGE Days as new research sets out endoscopists’ priorities for tackling challenges in endoscopy, with 74% saying enhanced onsite training opportunities would benefit endoscopy services

Fujifilm has today launched a first of its kind mobile training hub at ESGE Days to help tackle some of the biggest challenges in endoscopy, as new research shows concern among endoscopists about the impact of the pandemic on cancer services. 

The survey of endoscopists and gastroenterology professionals from across Europe was undertaken by Sermo on behalf of Fujifilm. When asked about the biggest challenges in endoscopy, almost half of the respondents cited workforce pressures and almost a third cited the provision of training and education for healthcare professionals. Just under three quarters (73%) said there is likely to be a ‘ticking timebomb’ of cancer patients waiting for a diagnosis and treatment post COVID-19, while almost eight in ten (78%) said they were concerned that patients will have more progressed cancers that are more difficult to treat because of COVID-19. 

When asked which technological developments would benefit endoscopy services, almost three quarters (74%) said enhanced onsite training opportunities and over two thirds (67%) said greater hands-on-support from manufacturers. COVID-19 has had a significant impact on learning, with over two thirds (67%) saying it had reduced opportunities for training and education. 

Having heard the challenges faced by endoscopists, Fujifilm has developed the EndoRunner, a mobile hub with their complete endoscopic solutions portfolio which travels to clinicians to support their training. This helps the eight in ten (81%) who said they would value more in-person training and education opportunities run by manufacturers and the three quarters (75%) who said they would prefer if manufacturers came to their place of work to deliver training and education. The EndoRunner initially includes around twenty different flexible endoscopes and more than fifty different therapeutic devices for all kinds of applications.

Artificial intelligence (AI) also received support from clinicians, with 80% saying AI in endoscopy will improve diagnostic capability and 69% saying it will improve patient outcomes. The Fujifilm Eluxeo Ultra platform includes CAD EYE with AI technology, which will be included in the EndoRunner. It uses deep learning technology to assist healthcare professionals to make decisions efficiently, benefitting their workloads and their ability to deliver good patient care. 

On the first day of ESGE Days 2022 at 10:30am, Fujifilm’s Senior Vice President Mr Masaharu Fukumoto and Vice President Mr Takemasa Kojima will be joined by the President of ESGE Professor Helmut Messmann to officially launch the hub and kick off the Fujifilm EndoRunner Tour. 

Clinicians across Europe are invited to request a visit from the EndoRunner at

Dominik Vollbach, European Marketing Manager at Fujifilm Europe, said: 

“Our new research clearly illustrates the concern felt amongst endoscopists about the impact of the pandemic on healthcare services. At the same time, we are very aware that enhanced onsite training opportunities and greater hands-on support from manufacturers will continue to benefit endoscopy services in the future, which is why we have launched our latest state-of-the-art innovation – the EndoRunner. 

“The EndoRunner will travel directly to hospitals and conferences to offer clinicians the opportunity to use our endoscopy solutions, helping to overcome the limitations of place and time-bound education and tackle some of the biggest challenges facing endoscopy services.

“Fujifilm provides diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, from devices to services and education, which help improve a patient’s quality of life. We are a partner to all healthcare professionals in need of market leading products and services, and stand proudly by their side.”

Helmut Messmann, President of ESGE, said: 

“The European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy is proud that Fujifilm has chosen ESGE Days to launch the EndoRunner. Congratulations to Fujifilm for a fantastic innovation that will support clinicians as endoscopy services are recovered following the pandemic. After an extraordinary two years, ESGE Days in Prague is the first time endoscopists from across Europe can meet again in person for hands-on courses and face-to-face engagement. We look forward to seeing the EndoRunner in action at the conference before it embarks on its tour across Europe, supporting the aim of ESGE to teach and train endoscopists.”  
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