[photo] FDR D-EVO II C35/C43/G35/G43 DR Panel

FDR D-EVO II C35/C43/G35/G43


A rectangular large-sized DR panel full of multiple functions in a lightweight body.

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 Product (s) name Model No.
DR-ID 1200MP DR-ID 1200MP
Docking stand DR-ID 1200DS
Power-Box DR-ID 1200PB
FUJIFILM AP 853Y120008
Battery Pack (Li-ion Battery) 125Y120005
Battery Pack (Li-ion Battery) 125Y200011
Battery Pack (Li-ion Battery) 125Y200038
Battery Pack (Li-ion Battery) 125Y200055
Li-ion Battery charger 125Y120011
SE Storage Case 360Y100231
SE Storage Case 360Y100262
Expansion unit EX-Mobile EX-M1