[photo] AMULET Innovality digital mammography station

AMULET Innovality


Digital mammography system that produces high-resolution images with low X-ray dose, Dual mode Tomosynthesis, and comfort functions.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Following accessories are used with AMULET Innovality

401Y100122 18×24L compression plate (Flex) 401Y100117 Biopsy compression plate
401Y100130 18×24L compression plate (FS) 898Y100939 Biopsy spacer
401Y120005 18 x 24 compression plate (High) 356Y120173 Needle guide 12G (C-L,C-S)
401Y120026 18 x 24 compression plate (Low) 356Y101253 Needle guide 14G (C-L,C-S)
401Y120033 18×24 compression plate (FS Small) 356Y101254 Needle guide 16G (C-L,C-S)
401Y120006 18 x 24 compression plate (Small) 356Y101255 Needle guide 18G (C-L,C-S)
401Y100121 24×30H compression plate (Flex) 356Y101256 Needle guide 20G (C-L,C-S)
401Y100131 24×30H compression plate (FS) 356Y101257 Needle guide 22G (C-L,C-S)
401Y120024 24 x 30 compression plate (Low) 898Y101227 Needle guide cover (10pc)
401Y120025 24 x 30 compression plate (Shift) 350N102195 Needle guide cover
401Y100124 24 x 30 compression plate (Shift Small) 356Y101129 Needle guide (E)
401Y100114 2D biopsy compression plate 356Y101230 Needle guide (MV)
401Y100115 Compression plate for axilla radiography 356N106122 Needle guide (TEST)
401Y100116 Compression plate for magnifications 356Y101200 Needle holder (C)
401Y100119 Rectangle spot magnification compression plate 356Y101300 Needle holder (E)
401Y120011 Round spot magnification compression plate 898Y120043 Needle holder (H EV)
401Y120009 Round spot compression plate 356Y101242 Needle holder (M8)
401Y100118 Rectangular spot compression plate 356Y101159 Needle holder (M)
401Y120004 24 x 30 compression plate (High) 356Y101201 Needle holder (V)
898Y200541 Face guard T Comfort 898Y101490 Lateral approach kit
898Y101487 Magnification table 401Y100120 Lateral biopsy compression plate
401Y120038 18×24 compression plate (Shift P) 347Y100161 Slide stopper (C)
401Y120046 18×24 compression plate (Shift P Small) 347N100860 Slide stopper (E)
401Y200001 18×24 compression plate (FS Shift P) 347N100859 Slide stopper (M)
898Y101468 Face guard T 347N100861 Slide stopper (TEST)
FDR-2000BPY Biopsy positioner 347Y100160 Slide stopper (V)
356Y200680 Needle guide(B-L,B-S)