[photo] AMULET Innovality digital mammography station

AMULET Innovality


Digital mammography system that produces high-resolution images with low X-ray dose, Dual mode Tomosynthesis, and comfort functions.

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Supports a variety of approach for patients

Biopsy Positioner - 50μm image solution

[photo] Close-up view of Biopsy Positioner - 50μm image solution

Lateral approach

Supports a variety of needle

Tomosynthesis Biopsy

Targeting is supported using both tomosynthesis and stereoscopic images: the choice depends on operator confidence and lesion positioning. Tomosynthesis acquisition can be performed in both ST (Standard) and HR (High Resolution) modes, according to desired accuracy and lesion size.

  • Using a tomosynthesis image, it makes it possible to target the lesion which cannot be found on 2D image.
  • Thanks to easier lesion position identification, tomosynthesis targeting results in a more efficient workflow and more simple operation.
[photo] Tomosynthesis Biopsy in realtime simulation with sample 2D image and Tomo X-rays results

Stereo imaging


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