Barcode Labeling

To help our customers manage the rapid and continuous growth of data management, Fujifilm offers a customized cartridge initialization and barcode labeling service at its European headquarters in Kleve, Germany. 





Barcode labeling is a necessity in data storage environments where libraries are utilized. These tape libraries or autoloaders require barcode labels so the library scanner can identify the correct data cartridge to be mounted or removed from one of the library’s tape drives. When a cartridge is in long-term storage or archived, the barcode label is critical for quick retrieval.

Barcode Labeling & Initialization for Enterprise Class Tape Cartridges

Labeling (external label) Fujifilm provides premium barcode labels in the label-type, colors and number sequences specified in your order.

Initialization (internal label) Initialization is performed to prepare tapes for manual or automated libraries including IBM ATLs and STK silos. Either EBCDIC or ASCII codes can be specified according to the requirements of the backup software. An 80-character record can be written to the head of the tape; for a standard label, the first record will be "VOL1XXXXXX" where ’X’ is the 6-digit volume number. When a tape is used for the first time the system adds two more records called "headers" that contain other volume information.

When both L&I are performed, the volume label and serial number are written on the outer label and in the tape header. As a quality check, the two labels are matched against each other. In the case of 3592, the volume information is also written to the cartridge memory (CM) inside the cartridge.