StarFire SG1024

StarFire® SG1024 Industrial Inkjet Printing System

High speed printing with configurable widths for printing construction materials and decorative applications

The StarFire SG1024 industrial system’s mechanical interfaces allow for easy integration and placement into an existing manufacturing production line or as an solution. The printbars have all the required technology to operate stand-alone which enables them to be placed in normally inaccessible or high positions on the production line. The controller may be operated in a stand-alone mode or via standard industrial line control interfaces. A graphical user interface, monitor, and keyboard allow for the local access and control of functional parameters. The GUI is based on the Windows® 7 operating system and provides access to all the system features through an easy to use and intuitive touch-screen interface. The controller enclosure is constructed of rugged powder coated sheet metal or optional stainless steel. Industrial quick release electrical cables interconnect the controller with the desired printbars and are optimized to accommodate specific jetting characteristics and agency regulation requirements.