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[image] ApeosPro C810 / C750 / C650

Production Printer

ApeosPro C810 / C750 / C650

With a wide range of paper versatility, beautiful output quality, and high durability, a wide range of promotional materials can also be created quickly in-house.

Safeguard important information

Information is an important asset which should be protected at all cost

[Protect from unauthorised user]

User Authentication and Permissions

Unauthorised operations and access are prevented by user identification and usage restrictions.

  • Local Authentication
  • Authentication by Remote Server*1
  • IC Card Authentication*1
  • User-specific feature access
  • Private Charge Print
  • Print UUID
  • Secondary Ethernet Kit*1

[Protects Data]

Protection of communication data

Protects the communication data between the multifunction device and a PC or file server from eavesdropping or tampering.

  • Encryption of communication paths by SSL/TLS or IPsec
  • Encryption when transferring via SMBv3 and SFTP
  • Scan file encryption/signature
  • Email encryption and signature by S/MIME
  • TLS version limit
  • Elliptic curve cryptography

Protection of stored documents in multifunction device

Protects the data stored in the multifunction device by encryption.

  • Encryption of stored data
  • Uses TPM*2 2.0 chip for encryption key management
  • Deletes settings and document information all at once

[Protect from unauthorised access]

Protection of management function

Protects against unauthorised access to the multifunction device's management function.

  • Service representative operation restriction
  • Account lock to prevent unauthorised access
  • Information for changing the default password
  • Warnings displayed when using global IP address

Protection of multifunction device software

Prevents the installation, execution, and operation of fraudulent software.

  • Software signature verification
  • Remote update restrictions
  • IP address filtering
  • Tampering detection at startup
  • Prevention of tampering during operation
  • Automatic restoration of multifunction device software
  • Audit log
  • Audit log system transfer

[Prevents operation errors]

Prevents settings and operation errors

Prevents information leakage due to inadvertent mistakes by administrators and users.

  • Scan documents to be delivered to fixed destination
  • Re-enter fax recipient
  • Annotations
  • Hidden text printing*1
  • Digital code embedding and tracking function*1
  • *1: Optional.
  • *2: Trusted Platform Module


  1. Interface Decurler Module D1
    - Real Time Curl Correction
    (3 Levels Upward / Off / 3 Levels Downward)
  2. Inserter D1
    - Cover / Sheet Insertion
  3. High Capacity Stacker A1
    - 5000-sheet Stacking
    - Stacker Cart
    - Long Paper Stacking*1
  4. Crease / Two-sided Trimmer D2
    - Two-Sided Trim
  1. Folder Unit CD2
    - Z Fold Half Sheet / Tri-Fold
  2. Finisher D6 / Finisher D6 with Booklet Maker
    - Sort / Stack
    - Staple (100 sheets)
    - Punch*1
    - Saddle Staple (30 sheets) / Single Fold*2
    - Long Paper Stacking*1
  3. Square Back Trimmer D1
    - Face Trim
    - Square Back


  • Simple Catch Tray / Offset Catch Tray / Long Catch Tray are available if post-processing is not required.
  • *1: Optional.
  • *2: For Finisher D6 with Booklet Maker.

[Finishing Applications]

Cover / Sheet Insertion
Side Stitch
Saddle Staple
Single Fold
Z Fold Half Sheet
Face Trim
Two-Sided Trim
Full Bleed Trim
Square Back

Note: Full Bleed Trim is made by Two-sided Trim and Face Trim.

[Feeding Options]

Bypass Tray (Standard)*1
  • 52 to 350 gsm 250 sheets
  • 1300 mm Long paper*2
Multi Sheet Inserter for Banner Print*1
  • 52 to 350 gsm
  • 250 sheets
  • 1300 mm Long paper*2
  • 660 mm Long Paper*3

Note: Supported paper weight for long paper is 52 to 220 gsm.

  • *1: Installed directly to the printer, or installed on the top of High Capacity Feeder C3-DS or B1-S. Paper weight up to 300 gsm is supported when installed on the top of High Capacity Feeder C3-DS or B1-S.
  • *2: When installed directly on the printer unit.
  • *3: When installed on the top of High Capacity Feeder C3-DS or B1-S.