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Easy-to-use and multifunctional compact system that offers superior images and various applications.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Equipped with a wide variety of applications in a compact body.


Measures carotid intima-media thickness of the posterior or anterior walls, thereby reducing examiner dependency and improving measurement reproducibility.

Common carotid artery

ElastoScan*1/ E-Strain*1

ElastoScan, which colorizes the tissue elasticity difference, is available with linear and endocavity transducers.
E-Strain can measure the strain ratio between two ROIs.



Supports analysis of left ventricular function and segmental wall motion. It is possible to easily evaluate the left ventricular function by displaying Bull’s Eye in addition to the standard cross section of the left ventricle.



It is possible to visualize the internal and superficial structures simultaneously with the organ shapes retained. 



The progress of labor can be objectively evaluated by automatically measuring the angle of progression (AoP)*2, Station calculated from AoP and the direction of the fetal head (Direction).

  • *1 The standard components and optional items differ depending on the country.
  • *2 AoP:The angle between the long axis of the pubic symphysis and the tangent line to the fetal skull.