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A standard model of analyzer that greatly simplifies measurement preparation and enables 3-step easy measurement.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

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Small body, big flexibility

3-step easy measurement

Using the item code recorded on the slide, the item and lot number are automatically identified. After pressing the start key everything through the printing of the measurement data is fully automatic.

One pack panels (S-panels)

Set multiple required items at once

One pack panels are also available. There is no need to open individually packed slides in a panel. This improves work efficiency and reduces waste.

Individually packed slides in a panel

Simply place it in the slide cartridge and remove the binding tape

Measure directly from whole blood

Built-in centrifugal separation unit*1

Simply insert the whole blood in the dedicated IC cup and place the cup in the unit. Automatically execute everything from plasma extraction to analysis.

  • *1 NX600V IC
Can also measure serum and plasma separated by external centrifugation

This is possible when there is a need to reduce the amount of blood sampled or use the plasma sample in other tests.

Continuous measurement

Reduce waiting time

As soon as the pipetting procedure for the first sample is completed, the slides for the next sample can already be set and the test started. This minimizes waiting time for your patients.

NX600V processing cycle in minutes for 18 clinical parameters per patient sample
  • * In case of whole blood samples, it will take another 2 minutes for the centrifugation for each sample.

Improved design supports smooth workflow

User-friendly Fujifilm design

Set consumables for multiple samples at once

The layout is simpler than our previous models, and this makes it easier to set consumables.
Multiple tips can be set at once, which eliminates the need to set reference solution for each measurement. This reduces the frequency of consumable replacement.

Large 7-inch intuitive LCD touch panel

The simple and easy-to-use operation screen provides a swift transition speed of 0.5 seconds or less for stress-free operation. A rich variety of help screens are also provided. This enables easy operation while checking illustrated usage and maintenance procedures.

Setup screen
Results view
Date search

A rich variety of functions for flexible support

Microsample testing

Only 10 μL of sample is required for each test. (CRP: 5μL/test, ISE: 50μL/test, dead volume is necessary using automatic measurement.) A very useful feature especially in small animals. If there is less sample, measurement can be done by manual pipetting.

High throughput

128 tests can be processed per hour.

Automatic dilution function

Labor intensive operations like dispensing, mixing etc. are automated. The only user operation required is when selecting the dilution ratio.

No Calibration

The FUJI DRI-CHEM system uses dry type reagents which are very stable. As the reagents are stable, calibration is not necessary and it utilizes a standard curve for the measurements. Variability in the reagent lots are adjusted using the QC card.

  • * ISE:Calibration and correction are not necessary. QC card is not attached.

Easy reagent lot information input by QC card

Information for every reagent lot that are needed for the measurement are easily input into the machine using the QC card.

Reduces biohazard risks

Used slides and tips fall automatically into a disposal box. Reduces the risk of contact with specimens.

Achieve high-precision testing with reliable technology

High-quality slides utilize coating technology cultivated in the field of photography.


Two types of slides are provided for different test items.

Colorimetric method slide

Enzymes, General chemistry, and Immunology

This multilayered slide is composed of dry chemical ingredients needed for the reaction and other functional materials. It quantifies enzymes and chemicals using a colorimetric method.

Potentiometric method slide


Each slide comes with an ion selective film electrode for each of Na, K, and Cl. Slides quantify electrolytes in the sample by a potentiometric method.

Centrifugal separation cup (IC cup)

The straw can be easily removed simply by tilting it.

Unique Fujifilm structure reduces risks

Inserting a syringe into the straw included with the cup and injecting the sample prevents sample scattering. Furthermore, an internal structure with a separation layer and groove reduces hemolysis and promotes the stable supply of good quality plasma.

Left:Centrifugal separation traps the blood cells with a large specific gravity on the outer side of the separating agent.
Right:After separation, the plasma follows the groove and accumulates separately in the bottom of the cup.

Based on technology and experience developed over many years, Fujifilm DRI-CHEM provides conclusive test results

Fujifilm DRI-CHEM slides achieve an extremely high degree of precision thanks to a special filter layer that reliably filters out any substances that could interfere with the serum or plasma specimen. The high quality of Fujifilm reagents is demonstrated by a comparison with the standard measurement methods.


Urease glutamate dehydrogenase method


1,2 -o-Dilauryl-rac-glycero-3-glutaric acid -(6-methylresorufin) ester lipase assay

Realtime diagnosis canine CRP test for inflammation screening

NX700V can measure lipase activity for canine CRP with
the rest of the biochemistry test items.

NX600V can measure lipase activity for canines

Lipase activity, which is useful for the screening of pancreatitis, can also be easily measured. This contributes to quick screening of pancreatitis onsite.

Correlation of v-LIP with cPLI
Lipase activity distribution classified by PLI diagnostic categories

Citation:J.Vet.Med.Sci.73(11):1481-1483, 2011 Katsumi Ishioka
J-vet vol.291 2011.6 pp13-15, pp25-29

DRI-CHEM product lineup

providing total in-house diagnostic testing

Clinical chemistry analyzer
  • High throughput 190 test/ hour (colorimetry and ISE combined)
  • 5 sample rack
  • Without centrifugal separation unit
Clinical chemistry analyzer
  • Single sample rack
Immunoassay analyzer

v-T4, vc-TSH, v-COR, v-BA, v-PRG, vf-SAA