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News Release

June 7, 2022

Langford Vets - University of Bristol Install Fujifilm’s SYNAPSE®PACS System

(Left) Chris Warren-Smith - Interim CEO at Langford Vets (Right) Andrea Delgado – Applications Team Leader for Radiology at FUJIFILM UK Ltd.

A modern and reliable PACS system is crucial to the success of any veterinary practice. With the large increase of pet ownership in the last two years associated to the pandemic, the requirement and volume of digital radiography is increasing exponentially.

When the existing PACS system at Langford Vets needed replacement, they decided on Fujifilm’s SYNAPSE® PACS system to ensure a smooth and reliable transition. The SYNAPSE®7 system was installed last year and has had a significant increased viewing speed compared to their old system Images are handled from multiple modalities like X-ray, CT and Ultrasound. This system will enable the team to keep up with demand and meet the expectations of their clients and associates.

Langford Vets were searching for a product of quality and reliability, as well as finding a modern and efficient solution to improve workflow though their animal hospital.  Since installation, it has been much easier for clinicians to access patient images on demand and from anywhere with the browser-based system. There is also less downtime on PACS server and Fujifilm has met the requirements of offering a flexible dynamic system that can be adapted to the hospital’s needs both now and in the future.

Langford Vets have said “Everyone was extremely helpful from sales team to implementation team to the final handover to the service team going forward.”

“Having recently installed Fujifilm’s SYNAPSE® PACS system into our small animal hospital here at Langford Vets/University of Bristol we could not be happier with the system, and with the service from the team at Fujifilm. When the need arose to replace our extremely antiquated previous PACS the combination of the user-friendly SYNAPSE® software interface, and the reliability offered by the system made it the obvious choice. It has proved to be a complex process integrating the SYNAPSE® system into the University infrastructure but the experience and adaptability of everyone at Fujifilm ensured success. While Langford Vets is undoubtedly a small company in comparison to many the team may deal with, we have never been made to feel like anything less than an absolute priority to them, and we would not hesitate to recommend them to other hospitals in the veterinary industry” – Alison Major, Clinical Lead in Diagnostic Imaging.

Photo credits, left to right:

Chris Warren-Smith - Interim CEO at Langford Vets

Andrea Delgado – Applications Team Leader for Radiology at FUJIFILM UK Ltd.