United Kingdom

January 15, 2022

King’s College Hospital Choose Fujifilm CR

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Whilst digital radiography is becoming the norm across the UK, most hospitals recognise that maintaining some CR is a sensible precaution to protect the operational functionality of a radiology department in the event of either localised or widespread failure of digital equipment.


When the CR equipment at King’s College Hospital in London got to end of life, they chose Fujifilm’s reliable solutions to replace it.  Installing an FCR Capsula x-ray system in Liver ICU, NICU and General X-Ray, and an FCR Profect x-ray system in A&E, the team at King’s can feel confident that they have extended their imaging capacity and prepared a back-up for their DR equipment if needed.


“We purchased the Fujifilm CR systems to use throughout the department, supplementing our DR imaging facilities and also providing a downtime contingency if required” said Sarah Gower, Superintendent Radiographer at King’s College Hospital.  “The image quality is good and the Fujifilm system is smaller and takes up less room than the prior CR units that were replaced. The Fujifilm system is user friendly and we found Applications support and advice has also been helpful.”


Photo credits, left to right:

Maisha Choudhury – Diagnostic Radiographer

Emily Anderson – Diagnostic Radiographer

Les Gabriel - Superintendent Radiographer

Declan Craven-Wilkinson – Diagnostic Radiographer

Iain Sims - Senior Account Manager, Fujifilm

Sarah Gower – Superintendent Radiographer