Premista Series

[photo] Mustached man wearing red dress shirt with white tassels and white cowboy hat

FUJINON Premista_Short film"Rhinestone Blue" by Aisha & Tobias Schliessler ASC

Fujifilm/FUJINON presents Rhinestone Blue, the first film shot on PREMISTA large format lenses.
Shot by Tobias A. Schliessler, ASC on Sony Venice.

[photo] Crew of men filming on professional equipment in front of a house

FUJINON Premista_BTS "Rhinestone Blue" by Aisha & Tobias Schliessler ASC

Cinematographer Tobias Schliessler, ASC, Director Aisha Schliessler and crew take you behind the scenes of making #RhinestoneBlue, the first film shot.

[photo] Up-close view of Fujinon 28-100 Premista logo etching

FUJINON Premista_Promotional Movie

Innovative large format cine lenses, Premista is born. They provide the cinematographer an artistic and emotional imagery.

[photo] Production Division General Manager Akira Ebashi wearing white lab coat and holding Premista zoom lens

FUJINON Premista_FUJINON Craftmanship

Premista series is a product of craftmanship. Workers in our factory are honored that the world will soon be enjoying movies shot by Premista.