An open permanent MRI system with a magnetic field strength of 0.4T.

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0.4T × open design

Aperto Lucent offers sophisticated MR imaging through a permanent magnet with 0.4T static field strength together with a compact gantry. 
Our technological expertise enabled the design and creation of a single-pillar MRI structure which offers premium open space.

As the only single-pillar MRI system within Our range,the Aperto Lucent offers an expansive, panoramic open aspect designed to reduce patient anxiety and provide a comfortable examination environment.

Prime Imaging

Our magnetic circuit technology and unparalleled diagnostic functions enable crisp, high-definition imaging of clinically challenging regions and applications.

Prime Operation

Enhanced operability supports efficient and reliable diagnosis, together with ease of operation and image sharing capabilities.

Why choose Open MRI?

01. Making MRI affordable

Low running costs together with an attractive initial investment accelerate your MRI business and offer an excellent return on investment

In permanent magnet Open MRI technology, the magnetic field remains strong over the years with barely any change.
Unlike superconductive MRI, there is no need for additional equipment and infrastructure in order to maintain the magnetic field, thereby keeping the costs low.
A low capacity power supply means the initial power system cost can be kept low, and lowering energy consumption reduces monthly running costs too.
The Aperto Lucent does not require a cooling system negating the need for a complex and costly infrastructure and the installation area can be minimized as a result.

SystemPower supply capacity
Our superconductive MRI system50kVA〜125kVA
Aperto Lucent9.5kVA


02. Ease of Installation

Reduced construction costs with easy siting

MRI installation usually includes two types of shielding: RF shielding to block any high frequency noise from the outside and magnetic shielding to suppress leakage of the magnetic field from the inside.
However, a permanent magnet MRI system generally does not require any specific magnetic shielding, so the cost of construction is reduced.
Removing many of the construction processes usually associated with superconductive systems, results in faster and easier installation ensuring your Open MRI is up and running in a shorter timeframe.

03. Small Footprint

APERTO Lucent's compact design significantly reduces the space required for installation

Aperto Lucent consists of three main units: the gantry, console and power supply system; fewer than its superconductive counterpart.
The magnetic field leakage is also kept low, and in turn, the imaging room can be small.
As an equipment room is unnecessary, the overall footprint is reduced and the space saved can be used for other purposes.

* The area for standard layout of scan room is 5 m x 4 m.
* Actual layout will vary according to installed environment.

Sentinel Customer Support

This ensures that your system is kept running smoothly and efficiently through round the clock monitoring.
It provides proactive first class reliability for stability and maintenance.

  • * Users are required to set up their network environment to make it compatible with Sentinel. The level of service may vary depending on the contractual coverage.

System status screen