Fujifilm's measurement film solutionEasily measuring pressure, heat and UV light with film.

Heat distribution measurement filmTHERMOSCALE

Measuring heat distribution—from points on a graph to entire surfaces.
Thermoscale is a epoch-making new film that enables anyone to measure heat distribution easily by observing variations in density and hue.

Thermoscale 200C

Thermoscale 200C
Thermoscale 200C can be used for higher temperatures (150°C to 210°C). There are two types: the roll type and the sheet type.

Thermoscale 100

Thermoscale 100
Thermoscale 100 can be used for lower temperatures (80°C to 105°C).

Thermoscale uses special technology that regulates color intensity and hue in accordance with heat value to generate a highly accurate depiction of heat distribution over a wide range of heat values. Thermoscale is ideal for applications involving analysis of heat distribution during press, roll, and laminate processes and in drying ovens.

  • Laminator
    LaminatorPrinted substrates, solar panels, protective film laminating
  • Press
    PressACF compression bonding, heat seals, Li-ion batteries, solar panels
  • Roll
    RollNip roll, calendar roll, printing roll, printer roll
  • Ovens
    OvensDrying oven, baking oven, vacuum film production, measuring surface heat distribution on parts
Type Temperature range Base layer Thickness Product size
Roll type (width × length) Sheet type (height × width)
Thermoscale 200C 150℃~210℃*1 PEN 0.09mm 270mm×5m 270mm×200mm(5 sheets)
Thermoscale 100 80℃~105℃*2 PET 0.09mm 297mm×10m ----

* Depending on usage conditions (such as contact time, material type, pressure, and wind), the temperature range in which it can be used may change.
*1: Contact time = 5 to 20 seconds
*2: Contact time = 1 to 10 seconds

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