United States

In Vitro Diagnostics

FUJIFILM Wako Diagnostics U.S.A. Corporation is leading the way in generating biomarkers tests associated with various disease types, with a focus on chronic liver disease. The AFP-L3 (lectin-reactive alphafetoprotein)and DCP (des-gammacarboxy prothrombin) tests are intended to be used as an aid in the risk assessment of patients with chronic liver disease for development of HCC (Hepatocellular carcinoma) in conjunction with other laboratory findings, imaging studies and clinical assessment. The use of AFP-L3 and DCP tests can aid in the early identification of patients with risk of developing HCC.

FUJIFILM Wako Diagnostics U.S.A. Corporation also offers in vitro diagnostic reagents and systems that provide users with solutions to address further clinical and research needs.