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To celebrate its 30th year at Cannes, Fujifilm France held a series of events during 2008 Cannes Festival (France)

To celebrate its 30th year at Cannes, Fujifilm France held a series of events during 2008 Cannes Festival.

First of all, Fujifilm was once again present at Cannes Film festival in association with "Quinzaine des Realisateurs" which celebrated its 40th anniversary this year. As in previous years, we signed a famous partnership with this main parallel competition, which offered a very nice visibility in Cannes. Even though this competition is less "fashionable" and "flashy" than the official one, it is more professional and appreciated by our direct target: Movies Professionals.

This partnership permits us to be present in all the communication supports: catalogues, advertisings, invitations, special bags (around 2000). In addition, we supply around 2000 neck straps and we held a grand luncheon to which 60 of our leading customers were invited. We feel that this partnership offers us the best way to maintain close ties with our targets.

Within the framework of its partnerships, Fujifilm welcomed cinema professionals at Carton Hotel (Suite 131 - Isabelle Adjani). This hotel is extremely well-known by all cinema professionals who like to meet Fujifilm members in this user-friendly atmosphere that affords exquisite views over Cannes bay. This year, in an attempt to further enhance our attraction, Fujifilm developed a specific action with "Attrait Portrait", a famous French professional photographer, to provide dynamic, humorous shots and to offer them to customers. Each day, the best shots were printed in the "Le Film Francais." This was considered a major event and was much appreciated by DOP, directors and producers. Perhaps this was because Fujifilm presented them as the true stars of "Le Film Francais".

In parallel, Fujifilm organized several private cocktails in Carlton Suite in association with SPI, AFC, CST, ARP, Canal+, •• As in previous years, these receptions were very appreciated by all cinema professionals present in Cannes!

Through such actions, we were able to meet all our targets and further developed our network:

  • Thanks to our good relations with AFC, we were able to meet 20 DOP present in Cannes
  • We met around 100 producers of feature length films and 70 short film producers in our suite and during the cocktail parties we organized in Le Carlton. These two events were organized with SPI, a major association which brings together many of France's leading producers. Due to the excellent reputation of the location, producers visited us throughout the week.
  • We met around 20 directors in association with ARP organisation.

As a final gesture, we invited our best customers to walk on the "red carpet" and to watch a film in official competition! In addition, due to the excellent relationships we developed with members of the Cannes Festival organization, we obtained information and addresses for 2008 Cannes Publicists' list. We sent press releases to around 500 persons in April and May to inform them of our special actions in Cannes 2008 and to present Fujifilm as a major and active player in the world of movies.

All members of Fujifilm France were delighted to develop this event and promote Fujifilm in Cannes •• the world's leading film festival. We are certain that our activities will result in much positive feedback from our customers in the very near future.

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