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Revoria Press PC1120


Enhanced productivity on demand

Fire your imagination

Imagine up to six colour stations online at the same time with seven speciality toners including white, gold, silver, clear, pink, and textured finishes. Then add the possibility of printing one of each both before and after CMYK laydown for an infinite number of creative possibilities. The Revoria Press PC1120 is the only press that can offer such flexibility with the minimum of fuss and downtime. Other platforms require multiple passes through the press and swapping colours between stations to achieve the same output

* Optional White Toner is available only in selected countries.

New Static Eliminator module keeps synthetic media moving

Adding white to the Revoria Press PC1120 opens up the potential to print on films for stickers, labels and window graphics. Without the efficient removal of static build up after the fusing process, synthetic sheets can stick together, making them difficult to handle. The new Static Eliminator module uses a two stage process that can be adjusted precisely to suit the media, including some papers, that would otherwise be hard to process.

New Air Suction Feeder handles banners too

Accurate and reliable paper feeding of a range of paper types and even difficult substrates is a must for an efficient print on demand environment. The Revoria Press PC2110 Air /Suction Feeder adds a new level of control, from light weight to heavy weight paper, small or large, even banner sized sheets. The shuttle head transport draws up the paper and separates sheets that would normally be prone to sticking.

Precision toner for clarity and definition

Super EA-Eco toner also has one of the smallest toner particle sizes in the world. This makes it possible to reproduce small characters and thin lines more sharply, render halftones and gradients with less graininess, and reproduce dot shapes more faithfully, delivering superior print quality.

Image data processing maximising print engine performance

The Revoria Press PC1120 combines capability and simplicity to help you deliver a stunning range of creative print without the inconvenience of workarounds that you could experience with other presses. Combine multiple effects and enhancements on press to achieve more in a single pass.

Enhance your productivity, create more value, deliver business growth.

Highlights are a clear winner

Pick out names and headlines with clear, perfectly registered clear toner to add an extra dimension to personalised print. Creative use of a clear layer adds a touch of luxury when adding subtle patterns and backgrounds too.

Taller, wider, longer banner printing

A 1.2m print capability extends your ability to offer flags and banners, vertical calendars, book covers and wraps, packaging slip covers and more creative gatefold, z-fold and concertina fold pieces.

Silver and gold add to the mix

Metallic toners are not limited to highlights alone. Mix silver and gold with other colours for unlimited combinations and a multitude of new colours.

Give photos an instant makeover with pink

Skin tones of any hue are smoother with noticeably reduced grain when you add pink toner to the mix. Fujifilm’s AI expertise automatically manages the balance between cyan and pink to give perfect results every time. Pink also adds a wider range of printable colours, increasing the gamut in purple, orange and yellow shades.

Be brilliant with high opacity white

The Revoria Press PC1120’s ability to print high opacity white is essential for window clings, labels and stickers on transparent media and opens up a world of possibilities on darker paper and board.

* Optional White Toner is available only in selected countries.

New automatic pink layer separation gives you more control

There’s more to pink than a new spot colour and an extended range of Pantone patches. With Revoria Flow it’s never been easier to produce bright smooth skintones. No need to process with Photoshop or ICC profiles, everything is controlled with a simple slider.

New Revoria Flow – everything you need – fast!

There are no extra cost modules to purchase with Revoria Flow print server, everything you need to produce and manage stunning print is included: unlimited remote clients, a powerful imposition editor, advanced colour management, spot colour matching, document composition tools, preflight reports, a raster image viewer, and a production timeline view are just some of the features.