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Inkjet Photo Printer

Frontier DE100-XD


Tough and multi-talented to do more for your photo business

Versatile and long-lasting

The Frontier DE100-XD is a compact, high-performance printer that features durability, high image quality, and high-speed processing, along with handling printing on multiple surface types. What’s more, it allows flexible system configuration for offering wide-ranging print products, which can meet the industry’s diversifying needs.

Flexibly meets the needs of a variety of shop types

[image] Infographic comparing the setups of a Self-printing system, Minilab system, and Event photo system

The flexibility of system configuration allows for a wide range of purposes

To fit your business needs, the most effective system can be configured by combining up to four or more Frontier DE100s along with software and optional equipment.

  • *1 It depends on our specified measurement method. Above performance may not be satisfied in some cases according to the use environment and condition.

High Image Quality

Smooth and Sharp Print Image Quality

The Frontier DE100-DX uses 4 inks, which produce beautiful prints with exceptional granularity and sharpness resulting complete customer satisfaction.

Precise application of ink results in vivid quality prints

Fujifilm’s proprietary ViViDiA D-photo high-viscosity 4-color ink system, combined with a 1,200 × 1,200 dpi high-resolution head, accurately applies ink droplets at the ultra-small size of 1 picoliter. This creates beautiful prints with unparalleled fine granularity and vividness. Your customers are sure to be impressed.

With our "VIVIDIA" ink system, it is possible to print with excellent color formation and a wide color reproduction range.

Fujifilm’s Superior Image Processing

Fujifilm’s proprietary technology Image Intelligence™ automatically compensates for problematic conditions such as poor lighting, excessive backlight, high contrast, underexposure and overexposure − to produce beautiful images.

Meets the diversifying needs of consumers

A variety of paper types let your business keep up with changing trends

Ranging from 89×50 mm to 210×1,000 mm, many different paper sizes are supported. Print wallet-size, 4R size, square sizes made popular by the spread of smartphone apps, and even banners for decorating interiors.

Paper width (mm)89/102/127/152/203/210
Paper length (mm)50 ‒ 1,000
Paper Surfaces

Glossy / Luster / Silk / Pearl / Photo Matte / Canvas Texture

  • *Paper Surfaces item of the “Meets the diversifying needs of consumers

Saving space and time. boosting business efficiency

Compact Size

With a required footprint of only 0.24 m2, the printer can be installed in small spaces.

Easy Maintenance

All maintenance can be done from the front panel
Simply open the front cover to replace ink cartridges or the paper roll.