United Arab Emirates

iVizTM wireless

A pocket-sized wireless portable ultrasound device for visualizing the inner body anywhere & anytime.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.


Charging and Turning ON/OFF

  • Charging
  • Turning On
  • Turning Off

FWU-1 app starts and Probe connects

  1. Turning On the probe
  2. Starting the FWU-1 app
  3. Connecting the probe
  4. Unable to Display Image, Even with Wired Connection

Basic Operation

Creating Patient Information

  1. Creating patient information
  2. Save
  3. Ending the Examination
  4. Updating Patient Information 

B-Mode Scan Screen operation

  1. Scan Screen operation
  2. Enlarging/Reducing the image

Freezing the image, cine operations, saving still images & clips, camera function

  1. Cine operations
  2. Saving still images
  3. Saving clips
  4. Setting the duration of saved clips
  5. Saving still images by using the camera function

Color-Mode Scan screen operation

  1. Selecting Color Mode
  2. Controlling the Color ROI
  3. Controlling the Color Scale
  • *  Only for Linear

Distance measurement between two points

  1. Distance measurement between two points
  2. Additional meadurements
  3. Saving
  4. Modifying the position of the caliper
  5. Clearing the meadured value

Viewing and deleting still images and clips saved to the current examination

  1. Viewing still images
  2. Viewing clips
  3. Viewing multiple images
  4. Returning to a list of saved images
  5. Deleting still Images and Clips 

Viewing still images and clips saved to past exmaminations

  1. Viewing Archive
  2. Searching for examinations
  3. Viewing multiple images

Extraction of inspection data using USB memory

  1. Tablet display unit operation
  2. USB memory operation
  3. Tablet Display unit operation
  4. PC operation
  • * Please read the instructions of tablet that mentions the connection with external devices such as USB flash drive. External device to connect PC is not included. You need to take it by yourself.

Deleting examination data

  1. Open Archive
  2. Selecting examinations data
  3. Deleting examinations data

Automatic measurement of bladder urine volume

  1. Opening automatic measurement of bladder urine volume
  2. Transverse section
  3. Longitudinal section
  4. Check the measurement result
  5. Save result

Rectum observation guide

  1. Launch Rectum observation guide
  2. Scanning with a guide
  3. Select the hardness of the stool
  4. Save result

How to attach the sterilized probe cover

Attach the sterilized probe cover

  1. Attaching the prove cover
  2. Operating from the cover