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Fujifilm’s newly developed, hybrid C-arm and portable X-ray solution designed for intensive care, emergency room and intraoperative use.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Fluoroscopy (video) and still images with one device. 

The FDR CROSS C-arm provides a single solution for Fluoroscopic imaging and static X-ray image acquisition. Its unique tilting tube head and removable detector design provide significantly greater freedom of imaging and efficiency compared to conventional configurations of a separate C-arm and mobile X-ray machine. 

Fluoroscopy mode

Use as a C-arm digital fluoroscopy system during surgery. Up to 17" x 17"FOV fluoroscopy mode.

Radiography mode

For static X-ray image acquisition before, during and after surgery, the DR panel can be removed from the panel holder (separate DR panel can also be used). 

Switch between three panel sizes for the same device

The panel holder of the detector can be detached and DR panels in three sizes*can be used. Switch between different panel sizes to perform a wide range of surgical examinations and procedures. 

  • *1 FDR D-EVO III (brand name: DR-ID1800 Digital Radiography Device) only. Fluoroscopy mode can only be used for products in the FDR D-EVO III C series.
Uses for each area

Choose different panel sizes to suit each area of the body - use the easy-to-rotate 10"x 12" size for limbs and the wide angle 14" x 17" or 17" x 17" size for the spine and hip joints. 

Uses for each purpose

Use the small 10" x 12" panel during surgeries, where imagining is more localized. Before and after surgeries, you can use the larger 17" × 17" panel to take images across a wider area. 

Superior mobility and user-friendly controls to reduce stress

*2 when using the 10"×12" panel 

Lightweight, compact, space-saving design 

The compact, lightweight FDR CROSS weighs only 249 kg giving superior mobility in a busy operating room. Its integrated design and a C-arm aperture of 83 cm provides improved imaging and user experience. 

Light, smooth sideways movement and turning

Omni wheels at the front provide smooth all-round movements when positioning in small spaces. Dual side mounted brake pedals and wrap around handles enable smooth and secure control when moving 
and stopping. This superior mobility is extremely helpful in operating rooms where equipment position constantly changes from procedure to procedure. 

Omni wheels

The shapes of the handles are designed for easy maneuvering from both the front and the sides. 

Easy-to-use control panels 

Control panels for the arm are located on both sides - operate the arm and magnetic lock from any position. 

No need to plug into a power source

left:Cableless right:AC power

The built-in quick-charge lithium battery provides power for eight hours*3 of continuous use when fully charged, enabling a cable free workflow. A power cable can be connected when the battery is low or extended use is required. 

  • *3 Depends on usage conditions
Integrated cable 

The high-voltage cable is incorporated into the arm, allowing uncluttered movement and improved cleaning. 

Cable free operation for greater safety and convenience 

Wireless connection to the optional foot switch and monitor cart, removes the need for cable management and risk in the operating room. The monitor cart supports wireless HDMI, enabling two screens to be displayed with 
no lag. 

Antibacterial finish to maintain cleanliness

The control panel and hand switches where there is frequent contact are coated with Fujifilm's antibacterial Hydro Ag coating. 

Free adjustment of C-arm height 

The C-arm can be moved up and down easily. Moving down the X-ray focal spot to less than 1 m helps to operate easily for lateral imaging. 

Manage information efficiently by connecting to a network 

DICOM connectivity provides the transfer of patient and examination information to RIS/PACS, including Dose SR enabling dose management information to be saved. 

Product Name:FDR CROSS (Model number :DR-XD 3000)