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May 12, 2022

Fujifilm reflects on a year of unprecedented digital print success

Fujifilm’s 2021-22 fiscal year was its best ever for Jet Press sales globally, while the early success of its newly launched Revoria range in selected European territories further enhances its growing credentials as a market leader in commercial digital print.

With more than 50 new Jet Press installations globally in 2021-22 – 14 of them in Europe – Fujifilm’s last fiscal year was hugely successful for its commercial inkjet business. Jet Press ink sales, unsurprisingly, were also up, in Europe soaring by an astonishing 140% compared with 2019-20, the last year largely unaffected by the Covid pandemic.

In addition, since its launch in September 2021 with a hugely successful Peak Performance Print Event in Brussels, Fujifilm’s Revoria Press PC1120 has also proven to be extremely popular, with 20 units installed across the original sales territories of Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and Portugal in an incredibly short space of time. This momentum is now set to build, with availability of the press to be expanded to additional European territories in the coming months.

Fujifilm has worked closely with local dealers to maximise Revoria’s market reach since its launch. Mark Lawn, Fujifilm Europe’s Head of POD Solutions, comments:

Developing partnerships with local dealerships has been crucial to our sales strategy to date and we’ve been working with some of the most well-connected and knowledgeable organisations in the industry to help us to reach the right customers. In turn, we’re offering them a hugely attractive product for their portfolios. The application versatility of the Revoria Press PC1120, in the form of additional colours and media handling, opens up a world of new opportunities.

Taro Aoki, Head of Digital Press Solutions, Fujifilm Europe comments:

We’re delighted with the continued success of our flagship B2 inkjet press – and we’re equally pleased with how well the Revoria Press PC1120 has been received in the market. Fujifilm has a huge amount of technical expertise in toner technology, but this has been largely invisible in Europe until very recently, so it's been very rewarding to now have this opportunity to showcase our capability.

The Jet Press and Revoria are complementary technologies in many ways, with four of our European Jet Press customers in Germany, Italy and Portugal also investing in the PC1120 for the special colours that can be printed (particularly metallics) and the huge range of substrates it can handle.

These exceptional recent sales results show how the trend towards digital print is accelerating rapidly across the market. The synergies of Fujifilm’s digital print technologies – showcased in the Revoria and Jet Press – make Fujifilm ideally positioned to capitalise on this trend.

Highlights of the Revoria Press PC1120 include:

  • Production speeds of 120 pages per minute with superb, high definition quality
  • A unique combination of feeding and finishing options to provide superb flexibility for whatever job comes next
  • An industry-leading range of colours and enhancements, with a one-pass, six-colour print engine enabling up to two special toners such as gold, silver, clear, white* or pink to be used in addition to CMYK

*Available in selected countries

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