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June 7, 2021

FUJIFILM Europe GmbH statement on June 2021 ransomware attack on FUJIFILM Corporation

On Tuesday 1 June 2021, FUJIFILM Europe GmbH became aware of a ransomware attack against FUJIFILM Corporation in Tokyo. As a precautionary measure we took the step to take all EMEA networks, servers, and IT equipment and systems offline. On Friday 4 June 2021, FUJIFILM Corporation confirmed that the impact of unauthorized access is confined to a specific network in Japan.

FUJIFILM Europe GmbH has determined that there is no related risk to our network, servers and equipment in the EMEA region or that of our customers across EMEA. We presently have no indication that any of our regional systems have been compromised, including those involving customer data. We are highly confident that no loss, destruction, alteration, unauthorized use or disclosure of our data, or our customers' data, on Fujifilm Europe's systems has been detected.

On Friday 4 June 2021, we brought our networks, servers, and IT equipment and systems back online. On Monday, 7 June 2021, all EMEA business operations were fully restored and operational by the start of business.

We have continued to do everything we can to support customers and partners throughout this systems shutdown. We thank you for your patience and understanding in this difficult circumstance.

Contact comms_feg@fujifilm.com for any further questions on this topic.