FDX Visionary-A

FDX Visionary-A takes the best of the Pencil Beam technology and significantly improves examination time and image quality.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

The FDX Visionary - A is a fast pencil beam DXA system for bone health specialists seeking a cost effective and powerful solution for evaluating bone structure and assessing fracture risk.

FDX Visionary-A has established itself as the complete DXA solution for bone health specialists seeking a cost-effective, powerful and fast solution for osteoporosis diagnosis and fracture risk assessment.

Combining the very best in innovation and proven know-how, from technology to design to the software interface, Visionary DXA was developed to  enhance practitioners’ work while making it easier at the same time.

FDX Visionary-A takes the best of the Pencil Beam technology and significantly improves examination time and image quality.


Full body composition results are available over several sites of the body, for full body mapping: left leg, right leg, left arm, right arm, left ribs, right ribs, T-spine, L-spine, pelvis. The large scan area provides comprehensive analysis of body composition.

Multiple Applications

A wide field of applications include software to help manage elite athletes, women’s wellness, and weight management. Body composition is also particularly useful in supporting the diagnosis of certain disorders and optimising treatment programs (obesity, cystic fibrosis, anorexia, wasting syndrome, chronic renal failure).

Visceral Adipose Tissues (VAT)

The patented algorithm estimates visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissue in the android area. This DXA method provides an alternative to CT for monitoring the effects of patients’ diet or cardiovascular risk.

Powerful Metabolic Tools

Based on extensive research, these sophisticated calculation tools quickly measure fat and lean tissue percentage and distribution in the body. In addition to these parameters, other types of metabolic data are calculated to assist health and sports professionals (fat mass index, basal metabolic rate, android/gynoid ratio).

Trending & Follow-Up

Patient data analysis includes graphs and colour mapping that provides an intuitive tool for diagnosis and communication.

Options and Applications:

Beyond measuring bone density, FDX Visionary-A is a versatile device with a wide range of applications such as fracture risk assessment, prosthesis followup and weight management.


  • The fastest Pencil Beam examination
    60 sec per site
    4 min for whole body (not available with compact version)

  • The highest Pencil Beam image resolution


  • Osteoporosis diagnosis
    Based on all relevant multisite examinations hip, dual hip, spine, forearm, as well as whole body and vertebral assessment.

  • Fracture risk assessment: based on automatic tools such as: 
    The FRAX tool (developed by the W.H.O.) to evaluate patients’ fracture risk.
    Morphometric tools help assess fracture risk using morphological parameters such as angle and distance.
    Digital Vertebral Assessment (DVA): for lateral assessment of fractures.

  • Body composition (for weight management): Bone%, Lean%, Fat%. Pediatric module:
    Following children's growth
    Skeletal age comparison

Orthopedic module for femur, knee, lateral knee as well as elbow, shoulder, forearm, foot, hand and spine.


Modern user friendly, ergonomic and intuitive interface: Improves user conditions and increases workflow Automatic ROI and interface color selection.


  • Auto positioning

  • Multi-report

  • Patient & Doctor letter editor

  • Data importation from other bone densitometers

  • Dicom push & print & worklist

  • Workstation & multi-user data base access

The FDX Visionary-DR is manufactured by DMS Imaging