A high throughput automatic clinical chemistry analyzer accommodating five different samples simultaneously. <FOR VETERINARY>

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Envisioning the future of veterinary care — the new strength of FUJI DRI-CHEM

FUJI DRI-CHEM provides quick and reliable diagnosis for animals. The NX700V can be operated intuitively, allowing the system to be used by anybody. Moreover, its compact design allows flexibility in installation.

  • A real walk-away system
  • 10µL of sample for one test
  • Efficient operation: maximum of 5 specimens in one operation.
  • Large touch panel and new operation interface
  • Intuitive and simple operation
  • No calibration
  • Easy reagent lot information input by QC card


Effective design

A large touch panel is used for the operation screen. The sliding type front cover prevents unnecessary consumption of space and provides easy handling. The ease of use from the new design enables smoother operation. Lastly, the exterior is specifically designed for better adaptability in any place.

Microsample testing
A very useful feature especially in small animals

Each test requires 10µL of sample. (CRP: 5µL/test, ISE: 50µL/test, dead volume is necessary using automatic measurement.) If there is less sample, measurement can be done by manual pipetting.

Workflow evolution generated by the new design

Test results can be printed.

Intuitive and simple operation

Simple and easy to use operational screen. Explanatory diagrams make the use, troubleshooting and the various maintenance procedures easy.

Setup screen

Display of results

Help screen

3-Step easy measurement

Using the item code recorded on the slide, the item and lot number are automatically identified. After pressing the START key everything until the printing of the measurement data is fully automatic.

STAT measurements

Press the “STAT” key during the measurement and set the emergency specimen. Just press START after registration to perform the necessary test.

5 specimens can be set at the same time

It is possible to set 5 specimens at the same time and specimen feed is also automated. No operations are required after pressing the START key. This helps to shorten operation time and improve eciency.

Automatic dilution function

Labor intensive operations like dispensing, mixing etc. are automated. The only user operation required is when selecting the dilution ratio.

Electrolyte measurement function

Colorimetric and electrolyte items (Na-K-Cl) can be measured at the same time.

Relief & Safety

No Calibration

The FUJI DRI-CHEM system uses dry type reagents which are very stable. As the reagents are stable, calibration is not necessary and it utilizes a standard curve for the measurements. Variability in the reagent lots are adjusted using the QC card.

Easy reagent lot information input by QC card

Information for every reagent lot that are needed for the measurement are easily input into the machine using the QC card.

Reduces biohazard risks

Used slides and tips fall automatically into a disposal box. Reduces the risk of contact with specimens.

Based on technology and know-how developed over many years, it is possible to obtain conclusive test results.

Fujifilm DRI-CHEM slides achieve an extremely high degree of precision thanks to a special filter layer that reliably filters out any substances that could interfere with the serum or plasma specimen. The high quality of Fujifilm reagents is demonstrated by a comparison with the standard measurement methods.

Urease glutamate dehydrogenase method

1,2 -o-Dilauryl-rac-glycero-3-glutaric acid -(6-methylresorufin) ester lipase assay

Realtime diagnosis Canine CRP test for inflammation screening

NX700V can measure canine CRP, a marker for inflammation screening, along with the rest of the biochemistry test items.

NX700V can measure lipase activity for canine

Lipase activity, which is useful for the screening of pancreatitis, can also be easily measured. This contributes to quick screening of pancreatitis onsite.

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Colorimetric method slide
(Enzymes, General chemistry, and Immunology)

This multilayered slide is composed of dry chemical ingredients needed for the reaction and other functional materials. It quantifies enzymes and chemicals using colorimetric method.

Composition of multilayered analytical film

Potentiometric method slide

Each slide comes with an ion selective film electrode for each of Na, K, and Cl. Slides quantify electrolytes in the sample by a potentiometric method.

Composition of multilayered film electrode

One pack panels (S-panels)

One pack panels are also available. There is no need to open individually packed slides in a panel. This improves work efficiency and waste reduction.