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Global branding campaign



To solve social issues

When it comes to innovating for a healthier world and a more sustainable society, we’ll NEVER STOP.

Reconnecting the isolated to society

- Supporting life-saving work with IT solutions -

Digital Transformation uses cutting-edge technology to facilitate better work processes and business operations. Regardless of the industry or size of the organisation, Digital Transformation can greatly enhance the future of organisations and the effectiveness of employees.
We contribute to solving the customer's business issues through the provision of products and services that faciliate the utilisation of IT.

Our challenges

We will continue challenging social issues by creating new value in the four sectors of Healthcare, Materials, Business Innovation, and Imaging.

[image] Healthcare

Innovating for a healthier world as a comprehensive healthcare company.

[image] Materials

In the Materials field, we are working on environmental issues such as promoting resource recycling and responding to climate change.

[image] Business Innovation
Business Innovation

Bringing innovation to your business by utilizing AI technology for multifunction printer.

* In the business innovation field, Fujifilm Business Innovation Corp. is developing business.

[image] Imaging

We give form to a wide range of memories and events through photographs, and contribute to enrich emotional lives and stronger human connections.


With each industry we enter, we’ve learned to leverage and adapt our knowledge, expertise and resources to make the world a better place. 
When it comes to innovating for a healthier world and a more sustainable society, we’ll NEVER STOP.