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Fujivision Digital Signage

What is Fujivision?

Fujivision, powered by Fujifilm, offers a fully integrated and end-to-end digital signage solution, helping you to reach your target audience and engage them with relevant marketing messages. With additional audience analytics, you can also measure who is seeing your content.

Providing bespoke solutions for small business through to large enterprises, Fujivision has a national support and technical network and supports customers across the retail, telco, hospitality, fashion, and petrol & convenience industries.

Why use digital signage?

Are you looking to get your business noticed or increase footfall? We know that success in today’s highly competitive retail environment depends on reaching your customers at the right time, right place and in a cost effective manner. Digital signage can help your business achieve this by delivering creative marketing content directly to your in-store customers.

With simple cloud-based content management software, you also have the ability to update your marketing from one single location.

Why choose Fujivision?

  • Fully integrated digital signage solution 
  • End-to-end support from installation through to software training and technical support
  • Customisable solutions tailored to your business
  • Industry leading cloud-based content management system (CMS) and audience analytics software

What we offer

We help you to...

REACH your customers and provide creative awareness for your business, products and promotional offers.

ENGAGE with your customers and create a deeper, more immersive brand experience.

MEASURE who is engaging with your content to provide tailored messages and understand your customers.

INFLUENCE your customers by providing dynamic, targeted messages that are noticed and remembered.

So that you can...

CREATE revenue by advertising your products and services or through media sales.

GENERATE efficiencies by investing in a digital solution as opposed to constantly spending on traditional point of sale formats.



How we do it

We start by understanding your business and developing a solution built for you. We employ an industry leading cloud based software  and combine this with a wide range of commercial  grade hardware screen options. Our flexible support  means we can create a package tailored for you, with  scope for future enhancement.

Advantages of Digital Signage vs Traditional POS

  • Enables targeted messaging and enhances customer engagement
  • Content management is more flexible, dynamic and easily managed using digital methods
  • Creates a more immersive, visual brand experience in store
  • Help achieve a lower cost of ownership and cost associated with updating POS
  • Ability to understand customers by measuring viewer demographics
  • Serve tailored messages to the right people at the right time with campaign intelligence

Fujivision Products

We have a comprehensive range of products that can be specifically tailored and customised to suit your business, industry or marketing objectives.

Front of Store Display

Front of store smart screen digital displays are the perfect way to reach customers in high footfall environments. They usually occupy prime shop front real estate which can be incredibly eye catching and impactful.


Outdoor LED

LED signs are an ideal format for outdoor signage, shopping centres and large footfall areas, as well as larger retail chains, and are quickly becoming popular for advertisers who require large scale formats.

Video Wall

Fujivision video walls are large format, high impact products designed to create stunning visuals to reach out to large audiences. Video walls are ideal for branding, as well as creating an immersive sensory experience for your customers or audience.


Retail advertising through digital signage is an effective way to target your audience, not only will your promotional messages achieve a higher cut through, you will also save money on constantly changing or updating traditional point of purchase material.

Digital Menu Boards

Perfect for cafes, restaurants and medium to large fast food outlets which have large, constantly changing menus, digital menu boards allow for quick updates to menu items and promotional offers.

Office Signage

Digital signage is a perfect way to introduce or represent your business at the point of entry or reception and can be used for branding displays, social media integration, business information updates or simply to point people in the right direction.

Hardware & Software

Fujivision is a fully integrated digital signage solution and we employ industry leading hardware and software providers to help you get the most out of your solution.

Content Management System (CMS)

  • Simple upload, scheduling, publishing and management of content
  • In-software editing capabilities
  • Variety of content integrations including  news, weather , Google Sheets, room bookings, notice boards etc.
  • Media creation with playlists
  • Included in all Fujivision packages

Audience Analytics Solution

  • Digital analytics and audience tracking
  • Measure customer demographics,  features, reaction and dwell time
  • Tailor messages depending on who’s viewing the content
  • Engage and interact with your audience 
  • Available at an additional cost

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