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Introducing FUJIFILM’s expansive, varied technologies to enable expansion into a wide range of business fields.

Photographs are a mix of technologies

Best-in-world class technical capabilities cultivated through research and development of silver halide photographs

1. Take a photograph with camera → 2. Record on film → 3. Develop → 4. Print

The process for completion of a single photograph hinges of a wide range of advanced, Proprietary Technical Capabilities.

We have cultivated best-in-world class technical capabilities and competitive advantages through our research and development of silver halide photographs.

1. Photographing - Cameras

2. Recording - Photographic Film (Sensors)

3. Developing - Photo Developer, Mini-lab

4. Printing - Photos and Albums

At FUJIFILM, we provide a wide range of products and services through combinations of 12 core technologies at the heart of our sustained competitive advantage, as well as the fundamental technologies that support our business through photography.

[figure]The Fujifilm Group’s proprietary technology

Fundamental Technologies

A general term for technical fields that form the base of our business.
These indicate the technical capabilities to address customers’ requirements.

Core Technologies

Technologies that form the core for the creation of sustained competitive advantage, built atop fundamental technologies.
Technologies that have the potential to form the core of “co-creation” of new value.