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Welcome to FUJIFILM

FUJIFILM Australia is committed to the provision of Equal Employment Opportunity for all its staff, and employ staff on the basis of merit.

We are also committed to affirmative action, that is the provision of employment opportunities for target groups in non-traditional roles. In particular, we encourage applications from women for senior and technical roles.


At FUJIFILM Australia we strive to offer our employees a working environment and conditions which encourage their participation in business processes and allows them to enjoy their time with us.

These benefits include:

  • A supportive team environment
  • A socially responsible employer
  • A professional organisation with well-balanced working hours
  • Being part of a global organisation with strong brands and consumer acceptance
  • Products that are at the leading edge of digital technology
  • Employee recognition programmes
  • Opportunities to progress within the business
  • An excellent health and safety record
  • Looking after the welfare of our staff through access to a confidential Employee Assistance Programme should it be required.


All applications are reviewed to determine if candidates have the skills and experience that we are looking for to successfully carry out the vacant role. A shortlist is then developed and candidates are invited to attend an interview.

Depending on the role, there may be a second interview or for technical roles there may be an assessment of your technical capabilities.

Before an offer of employment is made, thorough reference checking is undertaken.

The successful candidate will then be made a written, formal offer of employment.

Your application will be reviewed to determine if your skills and experience are suitable for roles which we have within FUJIFILM Australia.

You will receive acknowledgement of your application and advice as to whether we believe that we may have role(s) for which you are suited. If your skills are suitable, we will hold your application for six months and advise you if a suitable vacancy arises.

Thanks for your interest in working for Fujifilm Australia. All of our current position vacancies are listed below