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How Digital Signage Can Make Your Marketing More Effective

Feb 2020

It’s no secret that the face of marketing is changing. Print magazines are being replaced with online content, TV ads with on-demand streaming services. So it makes sense that Retail Industry is opting for digital signage over static POS material, with a reported 22% increase in the digital signage market in the past 5 years. In this article we talk all about how going digital can make your marketing more effective.

1. Improves the relevancy of your message

Picture this, you’re wandering through a shopping mall and, for a very split second, you notice an advert for a bank offering you a fantastic rate on a student account, only your student days are a long and distant memory, so you switch off to the message. Now, how about if the digital screen was able to serve you a more relevant advert to your life stage? Using real-time audience tracking through digital signage, content displayed can be switched to serve a relevant message to the viewer. If your messages are targeted, they are 32% more efficient at reaching your target audience!

2. Helps understand which customers are engaging

Once you’ve targeted your customer with the message you have identified as being relevant, you can then measure whether they are engaging. By making the most of real-time audience analytics, you can understand the age and gender of who is engaging with your content, how long they are engaging with your content and how satisfied they are with the content. Not getting enough engagement? Switch up the messaging – which leads us to the next point…

3. Offers opportunity for test and learn

If your content isn’t getting enough engagement from your desired audience, test different offers, different messaging, different colours, different images and so on to see what content really catches your customers’ attention. By implementing a real-time audience analytics solution alongside your digital signage solution (don’t worry, we can offer all of this in one end-to-end solution!), you can run multiple tests and get real, measurable insights on which piece of content performs the strongest. If the particular message you are displaying isn’t working, digital signage also offers you the opportunity to be nimble and adapt instantaneously.

Regularly updating your messaging can also have a huge impact on your bottom line, too with 60% of businesses reported average sales increases of 10% or more by adding or updating their signs.

4. Increases cut-through and helps your message get noticed

Traditional printed POS can effectively communicate the offer to a customer who notices that piece of POS, but rich content, images and motion capture more attention. Implementing a bright digital screen, with the ability to create movement in your advert, will help to cut through the thousands of marketing messages your target customer has already been exposed to that day.

5. Reduces costs and speeds up offer changeover

Creating your offer, getting it approved by your legal team, sending it to print, mailing it out to stores and getting the retail staff to replace the existing POS can be a costly and arduous task, but, by replacing your static POS with digital screens, you can instantly and centrally switch the message over using a cloud-based system, thus reducing the printing and delivery time and cost.

This cloud-based system also allows you to be really dynamic with your content. Need to update a price across all your stores? You can do this quickly from one central system log in and all your screens will update remotely. Want to run daily offers? You got it! You can login to the system and update the message daily.

6. Helps to measure marketing attribution

Although digital marketing tools provide us with an abundance of data so we can measure CTRs, ROI, ACoS and all those other acronyms, we can’t always accurately measure our marketing attribution. This is where digital signage can help! By running a piece of rich content for a defined period of time in-store, you can measure and monitor sales performance. Have a particular menu item you want to highlight? Feature it on the big screen for the week and track your sales against forecast and previous weeks. The real-time tracking capabilities of using an audience analytics solution means you can dynamically measure results rather than waiting a month or more to get results from static printed POS.

Still not convinced digital signage is the right way to go? A Nielsen study found that 72% of respondents think digital signage is a ‘cool way to advertise' and we can’t argue with that! 

Fujivision offers digital signage solutions for small business through to enterprise customers. We have developed a lightweight scalable, customisable solution using industry leading software and hardware options, offering internal installation, technical support, training resources and audience analytics. Find out more about our solution or get in touch to arrange a demo.

Find out more about our solution or get in touch to arrange a demo.

Photo credits: Fujifilm Australia’s Fujivision digital signage solution in a Bevilles and BP store.