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Inkjet Technology

Image optimization

In order to increase system reliability, the printhead, ink, and image processing system must function as one to bring out the maximum potential of its performance. For example, even if a printhead creates high precision ink droplets and places them quickly and accurately on the substrate, if the ink does not adhere to the substrate, high quality dot shape cannot be achieved. In order to maximize the capability of the printhead and ink, technology such as special coating for the substrate and catalysts to speed up the chemical reaction will be necessary. Such technology like the "Rapic technology" implemented in the "Jet Press720S" and "EUCON technology" implemented in the "MJP20W" shall be highlighted and introduced.

Rapic technology and preconditioner

"Rapic technology" is Fujifilm's proprietary technology for realizing high-quality drawing on printing paper. In general inkjet printing, drops of ink that are jetted one after another are pulled to each other due to surface tension and become one large ink drop.With "Rapic technology", migration of pigments within ink is prevented by applying preconditioner that reacts with pigments of "VIVIDIATM" ink in advance so that "bleeding" does not occur even when drops of ink are pulled to each other. Thus, jetting performance of inkjet is drawn out to the fullest and high-quality drawing is realized by forming distinct dots on aimed locations on the paper.

<EUCON technology>
‘Pre-coating technology’ to prevent ink bleeding

UV ink has excellent property in drying speed by UV irradiation. However, it tends to bring ink bleeding when large amount of ink is jetted directly on the plastic film, which does not absorb any ink. FUJIFILM has developed specific UV curable primer to hold the color ink dot on the right position of the pre-coated substrate.
The UV curable primer is partially cured and CMYKW inkjet ink lands into the partially cured pre-coated layer to achieve brilliant color image.