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Acuity B1


Combining full automation, near-photographic image quality and the perfect format size for hundreds of applications, the Acuity B1 represents an exciting and unique innovation in digital print.

Key Features


Driven by world-renowned Fujifilm inkjet technology, and offering all the benefits of flatbed printing with full automation, the Acuity B1 can print directly on a wide range of media at a very high quality.

Full-width print array

A full-width print array spans the whole width of the print bed, ensuring excellent productivity, outstanding quality print and less textural banding.

Optical alignment system

The Acuity B1 boasts a registration accuracy of +/- 0.1mm, thanks to the integral optical alignment system.

UV hybrid curing system

Together with Uvijet KX inks, this unique hybrid system, with LED UV pinning and UV curing, provides more accurate control of the UV intensity than other systems, giving better control over the finished print.

Nozzle mapping

An intelligent nozzle mapping system maintains print quality and mitigates defects even if printhead nozzles are missing or deviating.

Excellent print quality

Market-leading Fujifilm Dimatix QFR7 printheads, with 7pl native drop sizes, together with a very low film weight, delivers quality that truly rivals offset.