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Fujifilm X-Bar

X-BAR Powered by FUJIFILM Inkjet Technology

Fujifilm Integrated Inkjet Solution's modular solution for digital inkjet imprinting

X-BAR Powered by FUJIFILM Inkjet Technology

The X-BAR Powered by FUJIFILM Inkjet Technology is a modular imprinting product for adding digital printing in-line with conventional printing or on finishing lines. Imprinting is commonly used for adding variable printed content to a range of applications. The X-BAR provides the print quality of 1200 dpi at printing speeds up to 1000 feet per minute, which is fast enough to keep pace with some of the fastest analog press lines in web-fed commercial production today. These capabilities are offered with state of the art Fujifilm inkjet technology in print widths including 4” and 9“ for partial and full page printing.

4.5" Printbar

9" Printbar

Digitize your conventional press!

X-BAR Powered by FUJIFILM Inkjet Technology  is your path for digitizing your  conventional press. Now you are capable of producing high value applications including direct mail, catalogs, and magazines by adding full variable data to the fixed offset color printing. You can add personalized content or promotion, web activated QRcode codes, document security features, as well as localized mapping and many more features.

Adding X-BAR Powered by FUJIFILM Inkjet Technology to your press can help add capabilities to print static content, versioning, and full page by page customization.

X-Bar Brochure

Download PDS

PDF: 1.3MB