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Pressure measurement film

Prescale for High Temperature LLW

Product name / Model

Prescale for High Temperature LLW



Supported pressure measurement range


Recommended temperature of applied heat

180°C to 220°C (heat applied to both sides)


±10% or less (measured using a densitometer)

Structure and principle

How Prescale works

The microcapsules in the color-forming layer are broken by pressure, and the colorless dye is absorbed into the color-developing layer. This causes a chemical reaction, which produces a red color.

Pressure chart

The pressure value can be confirmed visually by referring to a standard chart.

Example pressure chart for Medium Pressure (MW) Prescale
  • * This chart is for Medium Pressure (MW) Prescale and will differ from results for Prescale for High Temperature.
  • * Parts shown as dotted lines may exceed the allowable error range and should only be used as a reference.
  • * Curve A, B or C should be selected based on the applied heat.

How to use Prescale