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[photo] FNDX 3.0b auto processor

Auto Processor

FNDX 3.0b

A new addition to the FNDX range that replaces the earlier FNDX 2.0b model - A medium capacity processor designed for free standing or „through-wall“ dark room loading incorporating a warm air, flat path dryer with our new through-flow ventilation and exhaust system . The unit provides a maximum process width of 14in/35cm and can be installed on a table or open stand.

Standard Features :

  • compact / robust design - ease of operation
  • intermediate rinse rack bath system
  • *automatic film-in dedection (pulsed IR sensorbar)
  • *automatic replenishment system for DEV & FIX
  • *automatic heating / cooling for DEV and FIX
  • inbuilt filtration system for DEV
  • seperate drain for DEV, FIX and WASH
  • CE declaration according EN
  • standard 230V 50/60Hz 16A power supply
  • * microprocessor controlled & preprogrammable


Power Supply

220 Volts, 16A, 50/60 Hz