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[photo] Three microfilter cartridges, one standing upright and two laid down

Pleated Filter Cartridges

Cartridge type that satisfies the demands of a wide variety of customers from food and beverage industry to electronics industry. 

Introduction Video

FUJIFILM Introduction to microfilter

This video will be the full combined video of the 7 short clips below. This video will cover the basics of microfiltration as well as explanation on the Fujifilm's asymmetric membrane.

Introduction Video (Short Clips)

Microfilter and FUJIFILM

Introduction on the birth of microfilter, by combining Fujifilm's core technologies.

What is microfilter

We will explain the filtration range of "microfiltration".

Filtration method

Two types of filtration methods, cross flow filtration and dead-end filtration will be demonstrated in this video

Types of cartridge filter

This video will allow you to understand the difference in retention mechanisms between absolute type and nominal type filters.

Cartridge filter structure

This video will explain the structure and how cartridge filters work, along with explanation on different endcaps.

Fujifilm's asymmetric membrane structure

We will explain the asymmetric structure of Fujifilm's Polysulfone membrane and its advantages.


Refer to this video for application examples of Fujifilm's AstroPore.