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Case Study

OCEAN BY NAKED Deep Sea of Light

The “FP-Z5000” Projector by FUJIFILM was featured in the recent exhibition, “OCEAN BY NAKED Deep Sea of Light(2019)” 

The experience-based digital art exhibition “OCEAN BY NAKED Deep Sea of Light” was held in ASO building, which is the commercial complex directly accessible from Yokohama Station. 

FUJIFILM FP-Z5000 was featured in the exhibition and contributed to make the beautiful digital art space with projection mapping of FP-Z5000.

  • * The exhibition was held in Oct 2019 - Jan 2020 and already finished.

OCEAN BY NAKED Deep Sea of Light

“OCEAN BY NAKED Deep Sea of Light” was an interactive exhibit where the guests could experience a new unique art form while using all five of their senses. While walking the guests navigated through the dynamic ocean brimming images while being enveloped in a vast array of colors.
This was the first time the event was held in Japan after the exhibit had great success in Shanghai, China. 
Under the theme “LIFE”, the guests could enjoy an interactive world combined with both reality and fantasy. 
For example, when a guest touched any displays, a variety of things would react and move.

Overcoming Limitations in a Digital Art Exhibition

Producer, NAKED INC. says, 

As the venue had installation constraints, such as a very low ceiling and narrow space, our biggest challenge was how to realize the ideal space rendering with the projectors.

However, we could install the projectors even if the ceiling was very low and the space was narrow because the FP-Z5000 enabled us to project in various ways thanks to bi-axial rotatable lens. It was an incredible solution for us that the projection position could be adjusted in a wide shift range. Without FP-Z5000, it was difficult for us to make our views of the world a reality in “OCEAN BY NAKED Deep Sea of Light”. 

The compact, smart design and discreet coloring of the FP-Z5000 are also a favorite feature.

The rotatable lens gives us the ability to project in various different directions while the Ultra Short Throw allows us to produce a very large display at a very close distance.

24 pcs of the FP-Z5000 were used in the event “OCEAN BY NAKED Deep Sea of Light”.

Art spaces like the deep sea segment of the exhibit were produced by the 360-degree projection with the Z5000 projectors.  The UST projector can produce a floor projection even with the very low ceilings at the venue. This was  so the Artistic Director could make the space simpler and the guests were able to absorb the art without being aware of the projectors.