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[photo] Tokyo Tower Welcome Lounge room with FP-Z5000 systems projecting leaf images unto walls

Case Study

The Tokyo Tower Welcome Lounge

FP-Z5000 was adopted in the welcome lounge on the 1st floor of Tokyo Tower Foot Town.

[photo] Tokyo Tower Welcome Lounge room with FP-Z5000 systems projecting leaf images unto walls

60th Anniversary Grand Reopening

The Welcome Lounge on the first floor of Foot Town has been renovated in commemoration of the grand reopening of the Tokyo Tower deck.
Introductory video which has the screen size by 5.5m of length and 3 meter of width is projected onto four walls in the lounge.

[photo] External view of the red and white Tokyo Tower from ground level up with blue sky background

Expanding the space with ultra-short throw and wide shift

A 250-inch-wide image is projected on four walls at a distance of less than 2 meters.
The FP-Z5000's wide shift and ultra-short throw enabled images to be projected all across the viewing space.

[image] Sketch of FP-Z5000

The FP-Z5000 allows a greater number of guests to enjoy projected images no matter where it's installed.

[photo] FP-Z5000 on ceiling projecting 250 inch video/image unto surface

Installation without the air conditioner getting in the way

[photo] FP-Z5000 Dynamic projection with 1.9 meter x 3.1 meter throw

Dynamic projection with ultra-short throw