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Projector FP-Z8000/FP-Z6000


The Z-projector FP-Z8000 and FP-Z6000 is adaptable to a wide range of installation. Use it gallery and showroom, amusement facility, or events.

With ultra-short throw and a wide lens-shift range, our revolutionary compact, large-screen projectors offer more ways to create a sense of space.

FUJIFILM Projector "FP-Z8000/FP-Z6000"

Product Feature 1 High Resolution, High Quality

High-Precision Optical Axis Alignment

Maintaining high resolution without distortion requires precise alignment of the optical axis. Multiple adjustments are optimally combined to deliver a high-quality image.

Improved Color Reproduction for More Vivid Colors

We overhauled the color design of the Z-projector to increase the color space. The projector boasts a wide variety of customizable controls - including settings for hue, saturation, color temperature, and seven-color tuning - that combine with edge blending to allow images to be displayed effectively using multiple projectors.

Product Feature 2 Large Screen, Ultra-Short Throw

100" Images from Ultra-Close Range

With a throw ratio*1 of 0.34, the projector's ultra-short-throw lens can project images of up to 300-inch from ultra-close range. A 100-inch image can be projected from an ultra-short distance of only 72 cm (28 in.)*2.

  • *1 The "throw ratio"(TR) is the throw distance divided by the screen width.
  • *2 The distance between the lens and the surface on which the image is projected.

Product Feature 3 Wide Lens-Shift Range

Product Feature 4 Compact Design

A Compact Design with a Built-in Lens

Our projector-lens design techniques are a product of roughly 30 years experience, this has lead to the development of lens barrels capable of maintaining high resolutions even when rotated in six directions on two axes. A compact design has been achieved by combining the lens and imaging system and by optimizing the layout of parts within the projector.