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Case Study


FP-Z5000 was adopted in PORTO LEGENDS –THE UNDERGROUND EXPERIENCE-, an immersive virtual show in Porto, Portogal.

Historical Amusement in Portugal

“Porto Legends – The underground experience-” is an entertainment show created by OCUBO Studio, that introduces the legendary story in Porto, a northern city in Portugal. The show is played in a underground construction. 38pcs of FP-Z5000 are used in this show.

Complex space

As the place has the complex structure such as many arches and pillars in a narrow space, it is difficult to get enough space for projecting a large screens with a short projection distance. Especially, the most serious issue was that they need many projectors for “Port Legends” settings. However, FUJIFILM Ultra Short Throw projector, FP-Z5000 gives them a solution.

Function for Easy Installation

Fujifilm FP-Z5000 has its feature in the special lens.
As its throw ratio is 0.34, it can throw over 300inches projection with projection distance by 3 meters/9.8 feet.
Also, the world’s first folded two axis rotatable lens has the wide lens shift range( 82% vertically, 35% horizontally) besides it can throw off-set projection.
FP-Z5000 equipped with the special lens supply OCUBO with the perfect solution as Eduardo Canessa, Project Manager of Ocubo says in the movie below.

Behind the scene of “Porto Legend” with FP-Z5000