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Active, Four Way-Proof Camera

[photo] A photo grid comprising 8 photos with individuals and families engaging in seasonal outdoor activities

FinePix has a compact and lightweight body that is water-, shock-, freeze- and dust-proof. It is suitable for a variety of outdoor scenes.

Easy Use Outdoors

[photo] A family underwater holding hands with a close of one of the girls smiling

A wide-angle zoom lens offers versatility to capture the scenes they encounter. The image stabilization prevents blurring, even for shots underwater or in dark. The large LCD monitor is easy to see even when wearing goggles or a mask.  The low-energy design allows for a long battery life.

Color Reproduction and Functionality

[photo] A lady swimming underwater

Fujifilm has researched color science for over 80 years. The Fujifilm's unique memory color technology reproduce the color just as you remember even in challenging situation such as underwater.  The back-illuminated CMOS sensor delivers bright high quality images even in dark scenes. Continuous shooting and video modes are also available.

Wireless Communications to Smartphones and Other Devices

[photo] Fujifilm Finepix yellow, an iPhone, fujifilm SP-3 printer and a polariod picture on a white background

Enjoy sharing your photos easily by transferring photos to your smartphone on the spot. Or send them wirelessly to the instax SHARE  Printer. You can even take pictures remotely from a smartphone or tablet with the FUJIFILM Camera Remote app. This function is useful for capturing wildlife, group photos and self-portraits.

XP Series : Tough

[photo] Fujifilm Finepix XP140 - Yellow
FinePix XP140